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Yuchai Group held a Brand building Conference

    In the afternoon of March 12th, Yuchai held a Brand building Conference on the 3rd floor of the Power Building . The conference was hosted by Yuwei Zhong, Assistant of General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Corporation and Manager of the Strategic Planning Department. Company leaders Tiansheng Li and Tangsheng Gu along with leaders of different departments and all members of the Brand Management Office of the Strategic Planning Department attended the meeting.

    Manager of Beijing Adfaith Consultation Company Yupeng Wang reported  the project of establishing strong brand and achieving strategic frog jump. He introduced his understanding of brands; analyzed the situation of Yuchai brand; explained the importance and necessity of brand building; and suggested that Yuchai should start to improve the competitiveness of Yuchai Brand on clarifying the structure of the brand system, setting a new position for the brand, and completing the brand management system. He pointed out that the brand building is a project for all employees; need good cooperation between departments; and  support from all members of the Group.

    Since the Brand building Team was established in early December of 2007, Yuchai has achieved preliminary goals in the brand building project. This conference gave a good reference for clarifying the brand structure and building the brand system. It also helped to bring members of different divisions coming into basic agreement on the brand building project.

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