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Vice Minister of Guangxi Organization ministry Xiaodong Wang inspected Yuchai

    In the afternoon of March 13th, Vice Minister of Guangxi Organization ministry Xiaodong Wang accompanied by Vice Chairperson of Yulin City Committee Inspected Yuchai.

    Xiaodong Wang asked about Yuchais development plan, technical research and business operation. He Guided by Tiansheng Li, the General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Corporation inspected the heavy machine processing and assembly workshops. He experienced the busy production on the spot. When Xiaodong Wang learned that the products of Yuchai were very popular among users and the supply was short for demand, he was very happy that Yuchai Brand was famous in the world; Yuchai had built a very successful business and it is pride of Guangxi.

    Xiaodong Wang also learned about the discussion activity of continuing to open mind. He pointed out:  at the starting of a new round of development, we should keep discussing about how to open mind at a higher level, in deeper extent, and in a bigger range; we should continue the scientific concept of development; speed up  reform; and ensure good and fast development of the enterprise.

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