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14 Enterprises obtained the Remanufacturing Qualification

    The remanufacturing of automobile components has made significant progress.

    Yesterday, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released on its official website the "automobile components remanufacturing experimental enterprises management methods and a name list of the first batch of the experimental enterprises. 14 enterprises shared "the first soup" of components remanufacturing.

    The remanufacturing products tentatively include five categories.

    Remanufacturing is a process to restore the original technical features and quality of wasted products. NDRC expressed that the remanufacturing industry would speed up the development of automobile industry; would be helpful for coping with WTO negotiation about the market access of remanufactured automobile products; and would help to make full use of the reusable resources in old products.

    The Methods cleared the range of remanufacturing products which tentatively includes 5 categories such as engine, transmission, generator, starter motors, and steering gear.

    Among vehicle enterprises, FAW Group, Jianghuai Automobile (600418) and Chery Automobile obtained the qualifications of remanufacturing. 11 components enterprises including Weichai Power (000338), Guangxi Yuchai, Dongfeng Cummins and Guangzhou Huadu global Automatic Transmission Company also became experimental organizations of remanufacturing.

    NDRC emphasized that the above experimental enterprises must pass the third-party inspection of quality system and environment protection system within a year. NDRC hoped that after 2 to 3 years of experiment, they would establish related policy, management system and supervising system.

    Dismantling and remanufacturing of wasted automobiles is not permitted at present.

    The Methods also set requirements regarding supervision and management of the circulation of remanufactured automobile parts. It clearly stated that the remanufactured parts could not be applied for new cars; the warranty standard should be the same as the original products; and should have remanufacturing mark on obvious place.

    NDRC stated in the basic principles for experimental units that its not permitted to remanufacture with components purchased from waste car dismantling enterprises.

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