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President Ping Yan met students of Beihang University

    In order to strengthen the connection with universities and attract more talented people to Yuchai, president Ping Yan visited Beihang University in the afternoon of March 13, while he was attending the two Conferences in Beijing . Deputy General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Corporation Heping Liang, Deputy Director of Yuchai Engineering Research Academy Zhiqiang Lin, and Manager of Yuchai Human Resource Department Yunquan Zhang went the university with him.

    Ping Yan first met with the leaders of the school including Vice-president of Beihang University Ms. Suju Ji, Chief of Enrollment and Employment Department Jiwei Cheng, and chairperson of Transportation Science and Engineering Academy Party Committee Professor Yangping Yao. Ms. Suju Ji welcomed the guests on behalf of Beihang University . Ping Yan expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to communicate with Beihang students and thanked Beihang University for supporting Yuchai all these years. He made an overall introduction about Yuchais business operation, development plan, core concept, internationalization progress, technological research, and human resource strategy. Both parties thoroughly discussed the cooperation opportunities on scientific research, practice program, and joint education.

    At four thirty in the afternoon, Beihang University held a forum of walk into Yuchai C talk with president Ping Yan face to face in the reporting hall of the meeting center. Ping Yan exchanged ideas with more than 200 students of Beihang University . Ping Yan said that the purpose of this visit was to communicate with university students, listen to their opinions, and introduce Yuchai to them. He introduced the current situation and industrial status of Yuchai and answered questions from students such as welfare, working environment, enterprise culture, career platform, etc.

    The visit of Beihang University increased the connection between Yuchai and major domestic university; made Yuchai known to more university students; and laid foundation for the implementation of Yuchais human resource strategy on the road of internationalization.


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