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Yuchai developed 8 to 12 cubic meter concrete mixers

    Yuchai Special Purpose Vehicle Company introduced the newly developed 8 to 12 cubic meter concrete mixers during a new product promotional meeting in Nanning High Tech District several days ago. Nanning Concrete Mixing Station and other major users attended the meeting. 13 concrete mixers were shown in the meeting and were highly praised by users for their good look and excellent quality.

    As the companys main products this year, Yuchais concrete mixer has been widely accepted by users and has been put into large-scale production. This series use Yuchai 6M special purpose engines, which have big torque and strong explosive power. The factory promised no major repair in 800,000 kilometers. The upper part uses air pressure to supply water and has big useful volume. The material for the drum is optional according to users demand. They can choose Shanghai Bao steel with high strength and wear-resistance or alloy steel produced by Australian Rheem. The mixing blades adopt spiral curve design that ensures the optimal feeding speed and rate. Now Yuchai Special Vehicle Company is developing 3 to 5 cubic meter mortar mixer to meet various demands in construction projects.

    Yuchai Special Vehicle Company also provides customized financial credit plans for different customers according to their conditions and needs, which is welcomed by users.

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