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Yuchai Excavators Sells Well in Zunyi City

    On February 24th, Yuchai Construction Machinery Company Guizhou office and the dealer Guizhou Sanlong Electromechanical Equipment Company held a promotional meeting in Zunyi city to introduce Yuchai excavators.

    Guizhou province encountered an ice disaster in this winter, which was rarely seen in recent 50 years, and people are recovering their homelands at present. Once the 2008 promotional meeting of Yuchai excavator began, more than 100 clients arrived to learn the characters and specifications of Yuchai excavator. A quarry boss who bought a YC85-6 excavator told people his own experience, and talked about the benefits he had earned from Yuchai excavator. His speech greatly excited many clients, and four of them paid deposit on the spot, ordering 2 YC135-6 and 2 YC85-6 excavators with a total value of nearly 2 million Yuan. Because the stock was not enough to meet the demand, a customer felt very regretful for not being able to get the proper machine that he needed. The sales people declared that they would prepare the supply of products as soon as possible to meet the market demand.

    Guizhou province is a new market for Yuchai excavators. Its newly commenced construction projects bring a continuously growing demand for excavators, and the growth rate is estimated to be 30% to 40% per year. The Guizhou office of Construction Company will cooperate with the dealer Guizhou Sanlong Company to develop the market, and to expand Yuchais influence in Guizhou .

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