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Yuchai Group formally celebrated the International Women's Day

    In March, the spring is filled with happiness and laughter can be heard everywhere in Yuchai. In the afternoon of March 7th, female employees of Yuchai gathered in the Culture Center to celebrate the International Womens Day.

     Many leaders of the Group attended the meeting including deputy chairperson of the Party Committee of Yuchai Group Biqing Liu, chairperson of the Party Committee of Yuchai Machinery Corporation Ping Liang, and chairman of the Trade Union Yingxian Rao, etc. Vice chairman of the Trade Union of Yuchai Group Bojiang Huang hosted the meeting.

    Biqing Liu made a speech on behalf of the Party Committee of the Group to greet all female employees in Yuchai, and sincerely thanked them for their dedication and contribution. Liu said that the Women`s Day was an honorable day for women all over the world to celebrate their unity and liberation. With the development of economy and society, women have become more active; they not only take good care of the family, but also create marvelous success in their work.

    Last year Yuchai Group developed fast and achieved sales income of 18.35 billion Yuan. Behind the splendid achievemen also included the hard work and intelligence of female employees. They did a good job for the construction of a harmonious Yuchai.

    Liu continued: the year of 2008 to build "Excellent Quality and International Yuchai had been start;  president Ping Yan had new requirements for the development of the Yuchai; the female workers should continue to be innovative; they should not only care for things around themselves, but also pay attention to the development of the company and the sociality. Liu said: recently the company had a big discussion about the innovation and how to promote the development of Yuchai in a new period; the requirements for the female workers are:

    First, to be innovative, overcome ideological obstacles, and set high goals.

    Second, to study hard and improve the personal quality.

    Third, to work hard and focus on contributions at work.

    Fourth, to take care about family and themselves.

    Ping Liang, chairperson of the Party Committee of Yuchai Machinery Corporation, gave a speech on the topic of The role of female workers and promoting the construction of enterprise culture. Ping Liang said: enterprise culture was the combination of materials and spirits of an enterprise that was important for the development of the enterprise; since 2005, Yuchai had introduced the team building concept of "building a high quality team of leaders" and "building a creative labor groups"; developed the core concept of "green development and win-win in harmony"; set the goal of building another Yuchai in 3 years; and established the vision of "creating a world-famous brand and building a large international enterprise". These cultures had greatly advanced the development of the Group. Ping indicated: in February of this year, president Ping Yan set the direction for further promoting the construction of enterprise culture by set the requirement of building the team of high efficiency and  the strategy of "excellent quality and International Yuchai.

    Ping Liang proposed four requirements on how female workers should play the role in the construction of enterprise culture: first, they should pursue excellence to create learning culture; second, they should unite and cooperate to build the team culture; third they should keep innovative in their work to create culture of high efficiency; fourth, they should open mind to construct the culture of harmony.

    Vice chairman of the Trade Union of Yuchai Group as well as chairman of the Trade Union of Yuchai Machinery Corporation Yingxian Rao made a speech on how to implement the spirit of the Workers Conference. He said: all women should study, deliver, and implement the spirit of the Workers Conference; should continue the diligent, unit, contributing, and creative working style; and should work hard to improve the personal quality and be innovative  to  contribute to the companys e goal of 2008 and the goal to become a international enterprise.

    Director of female workers Shijuan Guo summarized the female workers performance in 2007 and introduced the plan for 2008.

    Some people and units were awarded in the meeting including 6 outstanding female Workers Committees, 20 model families, 6 outstanding Trade Union branches, and 9 model employees families. Biqing Liu, Ping Liang, Yangxian Rao, Zhenfang Tang, and BoJiang Huang presented the prizes.

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