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Yuchai signed an Agreement on t Research Cooperation with British Brunel University of England

     On March 8th, Professor Hua Zhao and postgraduate student Tom Ma of British Brunel University visited  Yuchai. General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd Tiansheng Li, Vice General Manager Heping Liang, and more than 10 experts including Chief Engineer Jie Shen, Professor Bin Zhuo, and Zhiqiang Lin, greeted them and had a meeting with them to discuss cooperation.

    Accompanied by Chief Engineer Jie Shen, Professor Hua Zhao and Tom Ma visited the 2nd engine factory, laboratory, heavy machine processing workshop, and heavy machine assembly workshop. After the tour, they had a meeting in the meeting room on the 17th floor of the Power Building to discuss cooperation. Professor Hua Zhao introduced the newest achievements of Brunel University in scientific research on internal combustion engine. He answered questions from Yuchai technicians and briefly expressed his opinion about the tendency of the internal combustion engine market. Both parties came to a preliminary agreement on production and research cooperation in a friendly atmosphere and signed a general agreement. General Manager Tiansheng Li signed the agreement as representative of Yuchai. According to the Agreement, Yuchai appointed Professor Hua Zhao to Yuchai Technology Committee, and offered him the letter of appointment.

    Brunel University is an excellent public university in UK and has been well known in the world for its good quality of research and education as well as good relationship with the business world. It was named after the world famous engineer Sambard Kingdom Brunel, a legend in the time of Queen Victoria . Professor Hua Zhao is the Director of the internal combustion engine laboratory of Engineering and Design Academy in Brunel University . He is also the vice director of the national major laboratory of internal combustion engine in Tianjin University, Changjiang Scholar of Ministry of Education, and the winner of National Natural Science Fund for Overseas outstanding Young People. The Engineering and Design Academy in Brunel University is one of the most successful academies in UK and a model in the engineering and design industry. Its emphasis is on the modern science and technology. The university  has good reputation for its strong research capability and cooperates with the industrial world extensively and closely.

    Through this cooperation, both parties will fully use their own capabilities and advantages to gain win-win. The combination between enterprise and academy will push forward the industrialization and commercialization of achievements in scientific research. Yuchai gained a new resource to keep leading the industry in development and research.

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