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Yuchai once again won the bid of 866 National-4 engines from Beijing Bus Group

    Yuchai successfully won the entire bid of the third Beijing Bus Groups order of 866 National-4 engines. It represents the 866 credits that Capital city has given to Yuchai and it also represents 866 wishes from Yuchai people to Beijing Olympic Game.

    One world, one dream, 2008 Beijing Olympic Game will be opened in months. The theme of one world, one dream deeply reflects the core idea of Beijing Olympic Game and reveals the value of harmony of Green Olympic, Technological Olympic and Humanism Olympic. The spirit of Beijing Olympic Game is the same with Yuchais dream and pursuit of green development and all win in harmony. Yuchai people give their best wishes to the Beijing Olympic Game and are working hard to chase the same Dream.

    In 2008 in order to fulfill the Green Olympic and return to blue sky Beijing will implement the National-4 emission standard entirely. Beijing Bus Group invited the public to bid on bus and parts that meet the National-4 standard in early 2007. Under the fair competition, Yuchai won the bid for more than 1000 National-4 engines in the first and second biddings. Those engines were put on market continuously. With the excellent quality and after sale service, Yuchai National-4 engines are highly praised by Beijing Bus. The winning rate increased from 18% in the first bidding to 32% in the second bidding.

    In just one year, Yuchai based on the hard work and passion of its employee has made extraordinarily achievements. In the first bidding for National-4 engine, Yuchai faced strong international competitors. While at that time the market share of National-4 product of Yuychai was zero. Yuchai did not give up; as a national enterprise that first developed the National-4 engine, Yuchai had the responsibility to make contribution to the eye-catching Beijing Olympic Game for the pride of people of China. In order to gain the trust of Beijing Bus Group, President Ping Yan led a team to Beijing in early 2007 to personally prepare the bidding. On one hand he instructed the team to fully prepare for the bidding. On the other hand, he gained the trust from Beijing Bus Group by talking with the leaders of Beijing Bus Group earnestly; explaining the advantages of product technology, assembly capability, supply capability, and service quality. Yuchai became the only domestic engine manufacture that won some of the orders in the first round of bidding. Although only obtained 18% of the orders Yuchai successfully entered the domestic market of National-4 engine and broke the domination of foreign products. From the hard-earned victory, Yuchai immediately works on assembly technology, by-products development, product supply, and after sale service. Those works would decide whether Yuchai could offer the best product to Beijing Bus Group and whether the National-4 engine produced in China could run on the roads of Beijing as any overseas products. General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd Tiansheng Li, Deputy General Manager Qiwei Wu, and Deputy General Manger of the sales company Xunan Chen worked very hard on the promotion of National-4 engine in Beijing market and did a good job. Beijing office of the Sales Company as the frontline, they fully used the company resources and overcame many difficulties to win one after another in the bidding. They also provided strong after sale service, and were highly praised by the users. Yuchais hard work and excellent performance gained the trust of Beijing Bus Group. In the third bidding, Yuchai won the entire orders. We prefer to call the winning as the rate of trust than the winning rate of bidding. Beijing gave 100% trust and opportunities to Yuchai. In return Yuchai will offer 101% surprise to the Capital.

    During the Beijing Olympic Game in 2008, more than 2000 Yuchai National-4 engines that carrying the dream of Yuchai people will run on the streets of Capital. Green development and all win in harmony, Yuchai people will work hard for the same dream of the world.  

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