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Continue to liberate the thought for the building of a strong and prosperous Yuchai
----Yuchai Group held a mobilization meeting to discuss the liberation of thought

    Thought is the leader of action, and liberating the thought is an effective method to find new solutions when we face all kinds of new situation and new problems in the path of reform and development. It was required by the provincial and city committees to have a discussion on the liberation of thought, which was also essential to the development of our enterprise. In order to convey and carry on the spirit and instruction of General-secretary Hu Jintao, and to implement the requirements from Secretary of Guangxi Party Committee Shengkun Guo and Secretary of Yulin City Wenming, Yuchai organized a mobilization meeting to discuss the liberation of thought for building a strong and prosperous Yuchai in the afternoon of March 3rd. Vice secretary of Yuchai Party Committee Biqing Liu conveyed the instruction from Ping Yan, Chairman of the board on the continuity of liberate-the-thought activity for a stronger and more prosperous Yuchai. Secretary Ping Liang, Chairman Yingxian Rao, Vice Secretary Zuyan Huang, and leaders of the propaganda department, Trade Union, League committee, Party committee, basic Party organizations, and basic League branches attended the meeting.

    In the meeting, people learned the main points of the speech of Secretary Wenming, especially his requirements on building a strong and prosperous Yuchai. He required that we need continue to liberate the thought on deepening the reform of the state-owned enterprise, raise a bunch of big companies and big groups, and speed up the implementation of the strategy of building a strong and prosperous Yuchai; we should support the company with complete system, flexible mechanism and smooth government-enterprise relationship, should help the company by optimizing the environment and expanding the business space, and should promote the company by encouraging technical innovation and fast development; we should prosper Yuchai emphasizedly on the development of Yuchai Industrial Park, should prosper Yuchai comprehensively by optimizing the industrial layout, and should prosper Yuchai deeply by increasing its radiation influence.  

    Vice Secretary Biqing Liu said that the shortages that Secretary Wenming had indicated in his speed did exist in Yuchai in different places. The purpose of liberating the thought was to solve problems for the development of an enterprise. Because of some variables such as the ice disaster in this winter, Yuchai encountered many bottleneck problems in the beginning of this year, and so we should combine our discussion with actual condition, and apply theory into practice. Each unit should carry out discussion on how to strengthen and prosper Yuchai, focusing on topics of excellent quality, international Yuchai, building high efficient team, and building creative labor group. Each unit should think and discuss its position and contribution in a new stage of development, and should combine the discussion of librating the thought with the mission of this year.

    The Party Committee of the Group Company expressed their opinions about the discussion of liberating the thought and how to promote the business in a new stage of development. They clarified the duties and tasks of each leader team and office, and posted the implementation plan after the meeting, requiring each unit to seriously comply with the notice and requirements from the provincial and city Party Committees, and to spread the spirit of liberating the thought to basic organizations and party members. We should carry out activities of study, discussion, investigation and practice to activate the thoughts of the public, mobilize their passion, refresh their concept, encourage the spirit of innovation, and to open up a new situation for the construction of Yuchai.

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