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Explore independent innovation leading to internationalization

    An interview with representative of the National Peoples Congress and president of Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd Ping Yan

   (Reported by Xiaojun Liu, Dongzhou Jiang on March 11th in Beijing )

    In February 2008, Yuchai received notification from German TUV Rheinland Group that it had officially acquired the OBD certificate issued by its headquarter in Europe .

    This was another remarkable achievement after Yuchai acquired E-mark certificates from TUV Group for 26 types of export products in 6 series that meet Europe-3 emission standard in late January of this year.

    This represents that Yuchai has become the first enterprise in heavy-type diesel engine industry in China to obtain this certificate and achieved another major technological achievement on independent innovation. This certificate shows that Yuchai products meet the European standard and Yuchai has obtained the key to open the European market. Ping Yan told the reporter. 

     To grow big and strong, we must take the road to internationalization and must have our own technology. Ping Yan continued to explain how to internationalize the enterprise: We will extensively cooperate with domestic and international business partners; speed up the import and application of high technology; further promote the competitiveness in international market; make Yuchai Machine a world famous brand; and build Yuchai into a large international enterprise.

     Build a worlds first class engineering academy in Yuchai.

    In July 2007, Yuchai Engineering Academy was registered and set up in the headquarter of Yuchai Group in Yulin City of Guangxi province. Professor Bin Zhuo, the famous expert of diesel engine electric control technology, was appointed the director of the engineering academy.

    Yuchai Engineering Academy had multiple platforms such as national-level enterprise technical center, national authenticated laboratory, post-doctoral scientific research station, and the small highland of power industry talents in Guangxi. It cooperates with more than 40 famous scientific research institutes around the world, such as Tsinghua University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University as well as universities in the USA, Germany. It had established advanced product development and research station, focusing on independent development with the support of European and American technology.

    The establishment of Yuchai Engineering Academy is a milestone of the development and research system of Yuchai. It greatly improves the innovation capability of Yuchai and will attract more top experts to join us. It will speed up the development of new product; expedite the upgrade of new technology; consolidate the core competitiveness of the enterprise; and further promote the development of Chinese diesel engine industry and economic construction, said Ping Yan.

    Yuchai Engineering Academy was reconstructed on the basis of Yuchai technical center. Now it has an excellent research team with 360 high level scientific research staff, including 18 doctors, 56 masters, 28 senior engineers, and 3 people with special subsidies from the State Council. It has the national-level technical center and post-doctoral scientific research station. Its national authenticated laboratory is one of the best laboratories of the industry in China .

    Ping Yan thinks that the establishment of Yuchai Engineering Academy will provide strong support for the fast development of Yuchai.

    In 2007, Yuchai successfully developed the city bus hybrid engine (with ISG technology), and leads in the next generation of engine technology.

    Yuchai won the bid and obtained orders for more than 2000 Europe-4 engines from Beijing and Hangzhou Bus Groups and was the only enterprise in China that could supply Europe-4 diesel engines in large quantity.

    The self-developed Europe-5 electric control diesel engine YC 6L is another special achievement of Yuchai, which reached the development of Europe-5 engine 5 years earlier than the national schedule.

    We will build a world class engineering research academy to attract the most excellent people in the world and offer the best policy and benefit to the technicians to let them better contribute their intelligence to the development of the engineering academy. Yuchai will become a world-level research base of engine products Ping Yan described the future of Yuchai.

    Independent innovation continuously transform into patented technology

    The quantity of patent is an important index to tell the innovation capability of an enterprise.

    In January 2008, the National Ministry of Personnel and the National Bureau of Intellectual Property Right granted Yuchai Engineering Academy the award of National Advanced Collective in Patent System. Yuchai was the only enterprise in Guangxi that had this honor.

    Ping Yan said: This award means a lot to Yuchai Engineering Academy . Its the recognition of Yuchais performance by the country, and also an encouragement to push forward the patent work in the future. It not only proves Yuchais innovation capability, but also indicates the high level of independent innovation.

    Gaining more patents is very important to improve the competitiveness of Yuchai products and enterprise and also is very important for application for upper-level projects, winning science and technology improvement award, undertaking research projects of National 863 Plan, and evaluation of the national-level enterprise technical center. Ping Yan continued.

    With independent innovation being encouraged, Yuchai has done a lot of works on self-development, independent intellectual property right, and establishment of national industrial brand.

    The number one is to improve the understanding of patent and translate the patent into Yuchais achievements on technological innovations, inventions, reducing the labor tense, and ways to improve working efficiency, said Ping Yan.

    Yuchai also keeps improving the management system of intellectual property rights; putting forward the establishment of patent management system; transforming innovation achievements into patented technology; and applying patents into development and production.

    With more understanding of patent, Yuchai pays more attention to the patent work. The company appointed Chief Engineer to manage the work of patent; established patent network; and set goals and plans each year to carry on the work.

    Yuchai has made huge progress on patent work in recent years. Yuchai had only 27 patents before 1998; but within the year of 2006 obtained 85 patents, ranking first in Guangxi. In 2007, Yuchai applied for 136 patents and 89 of them were approved; kept the first place in Guangxi; and has created outstanding social and economic benefits.


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