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One of Yuchai patents won the 10th Chinese Excellent Patent Award

    Recently, the National Intellectual Property Right Bureau issued the 10th Chinese Patent Award. Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd won the award with the compensating groove on cylinder cover of 4-valve diesel engine.

    The compensating groove on cylinder headr of 4-valve diesel engine was invented by Hongwen Zhong and Wenxue Wei of Yuchai Engineering Academy . It effectively solved the problem of crack on cylinder head and proved that Yuchai has reached world-leading level in field of cylinder cover anti-crack technology. This patented technology has been applied to many types of products including 6L , 4G , 4E, 6J, 6A , etc and has  created total of 3.65 billion Yuan of economic benefit for the company.

    Also, this patent solved the difficult problem of promoting the application of 4-valve technology, which is a method to optimize the combustion process; lower the emission of particles, CO and Nox; and improve the energy utilization efficiency. This patent overcame the barrier for large-scale use of the 4-valve technology is a contribution to environment protection.

    Chinese Patent Award is the only governmental award for patents and inventions and is recognized by the world organization of intellectual property right. This honor is a symbol of high technology and quality. Guangxi had 2 winners of the 10th Chinese Patent Award among 144 winners in total in China.

    In recent 3 year, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd keeps growing the capability of independent innovation. In 2006, the National Intellectual Property Right Bureau appointed Yuchai as the experimental organization for management of intellectual property right. Yuchai  kept number one in Guangxi with the quantity of patent applications in the past 2 years. In January 2008, Yuchai Engineering Academy was awarded the title of National Advanced Collective for Patent Management by Ministry of Personnel and National Intellectual Property Right Bureau. Up to date Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd has applied for 322 patents, 166 of them approved. Those patents created huge social and economic benefit.

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