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YC55 Hydraulic Excavator won the 2007 Guangxi Technology Improvement Award

    Guangxi Technology Bureau published the 2007 Technology Improvement Award in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on March 20th. There were 149 prizes in total, including 2 special contribution prizes, 6 first-class prizes, 48 second-class prizes, and 93 third-class prizes. YC55 hydraulic excavator developed by Yuchai Engineering Company won a third-class prize.

    YC55 hydraulic excavator adopts advanced technology developed by Yuchai. This project was started in 2003 and was the first batch of technological innovation projects approved by Guangxi Economy Committee. It passed the regional level technological achievement evaluation in 2005. The evaluation concluded that over-all technology of this product reached advanced level of the same product in China. In the same year, the product obtained the high-tech product certificate from Guangxi Technology Bureau and won the first prize of Science and Technology Improvement Award in Yulin City . In 2006, it gained the second prize of New Product Achievement Award in the Autonomous Region.

     The development of the project helped to improve Yuchais capabilities in new product development and technological innovation; push forward the development of domestic excavator industry; and raise the popularity of national machinery industry. Since it was put into market, it has been very welcomed by users and its market share keeps going up stably. It has become a bright point for the economic growth of the Engineering Company and has brought good economic and social benefits.


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