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Chairperson of Xiamen City CCP Committee Lifeng Ho visited Yuchai

    In the morning of March 7th, chairperson of Xiamen City CCP Committee Lifeng Ho with the leaders of Xiamen city government  visited Yuchais company in Xiamen. Accompanied by Yiyong Yan, general manager of Yuchai Xiamen Company, Lifeng Ho and his group visited the progressing factory construction. During the visit, Lifeng Ho asked about the progress of the project, the preparation for production and future development plan of Yuchai Xiamen Company. When Lefeng Ho learned that the progress was well going currently except the electricity supply was not good, he commanded the Chief of Xiamen Electricity Bureau to solve the electricity supply problem for Yuchai.

    Lifeng Ho said that Xiamen City would fully support Yuchais construction project and provide wholehearted service to help Yuchai grow fast and well in Xiamen.


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