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Clients from Philippines & Malaysia
       From 21 st to 30 th of April a group of 15 trainees of four companies from Philippines & Malaysia were trained for relative knowledge and skills regarding maintenance principles of diesel and gas engines; symptoms, inspection, causes and remedies of frequently possible troubles; as well as commissioning and adjustments.
      In the course of training ,assembly & disassembly, inspection, measurement and commissioning of the engine and BOSCH pump  were demonstrated to clients who also consulted with Yuchai engineers specially by taking into consideration their engine modelsand both parties conducted exchange and approach of some technical issues related to the dynamic performance, economy of engines and so on. Clients highly appraised the training by saying that they got deeper understanding Yuchais engines, were well improved themselves in servicing Yuchais products and satisfied with Yuchai engines characterized by lower noise level, fuel consumption & emission. They have accepted the Yuchai after-sales service setup and are full of confidence for the prospective of Yuchais products in their own local market.
      In addition, clients visited the assembly shop, the First Engine Plant, the Second Engine Plant and advanced production lines and they got deep impressions of solid technical strength of Yuchai. By the way the clients from Powercity Electromechanical & Equipment Co,Ltd,  Philippines, paid a visit to alternator production line, too. This training has further enhanced our relations with clients in Philippines and Malaysia and we have got more feedback information on Yuchai products from the Southeast Asian market. After training the clients expressed their intention to expand cooperation with Yuchai in more fields.
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