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Yuchai mourned for the victims of the earthquake

    Factory workers are expressing their grief and sorrow by mourning for Wenchuan quiake victims.

    To express condolence of all Chinese people for the victims of Wenchuan earthquake, the State Council announced to set May 19th to 21st May 2008 as the Days of Mourning to memorize the people died in the earthquake. The entire nation would be paused to pay tribute to victims for three minutes at 14:28pm on May 19th.

    Rain falling down so silently on 19th May to express the mourn to the dead of Wenchuan devastating earthquake.

   Flags flown at half-mast to mourn

    At 14:28, the flags in front of Yuchai Power Building were flying at half-mast to mourn for the victims in Wenchuan earthquake. More than 10,000 Yuchai employees from different positions of production and administration all stopped their work and stood up with their heads bowed to mourn our passed compatriots. In the assembly workshop of the first engine factory, the production line was also paused, all workers stopped their work and stood up by both sides of the production line to mourn in deep sorrow for the victims of earthquake. At this moment of grief, all Yuchai people from Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., and Yuchai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.,  along with the entire nation mourned the tens of thousands who died in Wenchuan earthquake, being immersed in sad air.

    During the three-day mourning period, as like all other Chinese people, Yuchais employees mourned the victims and prayed for the survivors. Red flags were flying at half-mast, as well as sirens were sounding in crying. This is the solemn moment for us to remember.

    The disaster should be engraved, and people should convert sorrow into strength to rebuild our fine homes, which is the best way to commemorate the victims. After the mourning, workers went back to their positions and the production line operated again. Workers would stick to their posts and work hard to support the disaster areas, and we must work with our best efforts to produce more machines and complete daily task to make bigger contribution to the post-quake reconstruction work.

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