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Yuchai Group produces Electric Generators Against Time for Sichuan Disaster Area

On May 31st, the reporter came to the workshop of the third engine factory of Yuchai Machinery Company and saw workers there busily producing electric generators.

After the 8.0 magnitude earthquake happened in Wenchuan on May 12th, Yuchai Group, the biggest production base of internal combustion engine and small excavators, has been very attentive to the situation of the disaster area. Staffs in Yuchai Sichuan office and service stations went directly to the disaster area to help the people there; all Yuchai people actively donate money and substances to support the disaster area; at the same time, the Group decided to donate a batch of equipments that are urgently needed in the disaster area for restoring production and rebuilding the homestead, including 100 sets of electric generator, 10 small excavators, and 1 garbage treatment truck, totally worth over 12 million Yuan.










Workers are producing electric generators donated to the disaster area

    In order to send these electric generators to the disaster area as early as possible, Yuchai made much effort; it even held the orders temporarily and produced the relief products in priority. The company placed great emphasis on the quality of these electric generators, and supervised each step strictly from technical design, to purchasing of parts, and to assembly and testing. Workers were working energetically. One worker told the reporter: People in the disaster area need electricity badly to rebuild their home and restore production. So we should produce these electric generators as fast as we can, and let them have electricity as soon as possible.

    These electricity generators will be delivered to Sichuan on June 2nd, and start to operate for the reconstruction of the disaster area as soon as they arrive.

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