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Yuchai's Brand Value Rises Up to 6.358 Billion Yuan

    On June 2nd, the World Brand Lab published the list of 500 most valuable Chinese brands in 2008 . Yuchai brand ranked 112th among the top 500 with a value of 6.358 billion Yuan, ranked number one in the engine industry, and was also number one among enterprises in Guangxi province.

    This was the 4th time that Yuchai was selected into the list of 500 most valuable Chinese brand,  5 positions ahead compared with the performance of 2007, ranking 117th with a brand value of 5.336 billion Yuan. The brand value increased 1.032 billon Yuan in the last year.

    With the advanced technology, Yuchai has always kept the leading place in the domestic engine industry; it sticks to providing advanced and adaptable products to the public, and its production and sales has kept number one in the industry for consecutively 7 years. Revolving around the core concept of green development and all win in harmony, Yuchai keeps extending the meaning of enterprise culture, promoting brand image, and improving product and service quality in recent years. Now it has grown into a reliable, reputable and responsible famous brand. After the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, Yuchai immediately gave a helping hand, and has donated money and goods worth over 15 million Yuan, which reveals the social responsibility as a national enterprise. It sincerely conveys caring and love to people in the disaster area.

    The increase of Yuchais brand value is the result of hard work of all Yuchai people, and it reflects the public recognition to Yuchais excellent performance. Now Yuchai has established the strategic thought of excellent quality and international Yuchai, and set the goal of building world famous brand and becoming a large scale multinational enterprise. Yuchai has extended the business to Asia, Europe, America and Africa , and has registered Yuchai trademark in more than 50 countries. By estimate, Yuchais overseas sales will reach 35% of the total sales by 2015, so as to preliminarily realize the internationalization of Yuchai brand, Yuchai product, and Yuchai production base.


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