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Yuchai Group joined the United Nations International Covenant

Recently, the International Covenant Organization of the United Nations officially sent back a letter to Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group to welcome it to join the International Covenant, which involves the largest number of entrepreneurial citizens in the world. Yuchai Group now has officially become one of the members of the International Covenant.

The International Covenant was founded in 2000 by the United Nations; it's the biggest collective of voluntary-joining entrepreneurial citizens. The International Covenant advocates the members to comply with 10 basic principles in aspects of human rights protection, labor welfare standard, environment protection, and anti-corruption. The Covenant establishes a cooperative relationship between the enterprises and the constitutions of the United Nations, the National Labor Organization, non-governmental organizations, and other related parties; it creates an agreement of equality in the world; it aims to encourage the multinational enterprises to participate in the action of reducing negative effects of globalization, and push forward the globalization in a positive direction. Now more than 3000 companies and hundreds of shareholders from over 100 countries have joined it, including nearly 100 Chinese enterprises.

In decades of years, Yuchai always insists on scientific development, and combines the social responsibility into development planning, business operation, and every practical work. Facing the keen competition in the machinery manufactory market, Yuchai sticks to the core concept of "Green development and all win in harmony", pursues the goal of "to meet the public demand for power with its excellent and leading products?, keeps improving the management system and operational efficiency, insists on technical innovation, and gradually turns the dream of "being the leader of green power in China" into reality. At the same time, Yuchai actively responds to the national call to take social responsibility and make outstanding achievements and contributions in aspect of safety production, environment protection, protecting the right of people benefit concerned, and social public benefit causes.

Yan Ping , chairman of the board of Yuchai, expressed that Yuchai would support and strictly comply with the ten principles about human right, labor welfare standard, environment protection, and anti-corruption in the International Covenant, and would incorporate the International Covenant and its principles into the company's development strategy and business management. Joining the International Covenant will encourage Yuchai Group to work harder for the sustainable development of the human society.

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