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Yuchai and Honeywell close strategic partnership

    Recently, Yuchai and Honeywell Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in YuChai. Tiansheng Li the General Manager of YuChai Machinery Co.,Ltd and Nitin Kulkarni the Vice President and General Manager of Asia-Pacific Transport System signed  the agreement on behalf of Yuchai and Honeywell respectively. Yuchai and Honeywell will start a more broad cooperation.

    On June 21th,the Honeywell Corporation held Honeywell Technology Day to show their products, give technology talks and introduce the latest commercial vehicles and products with Turbocharger technology used in passenger cars to YuChai. Nitin Kulkarni the Vice President and General Manager of Asia-Pacific Transport System, Tony Schultz the Vice President of Global Commercial Vehicle Client Management of Turbocharger Technology System, Chris Holt the Marketing Manager of Global Commercial Vehicle of Turbocharger Technology System, Dinggui Gao the General Manager of Turbocharger Technology System in China, Ping Yan the Chairman of the Board, Tiansheng Li the General Manager of YuChai Machinery Co.,Ltd, Heping Liang the Standing Deputy General Manager and other group leaders attended the activity.

    Honeywell will provide Yuchai the newest products and technology such as: turbocharged, emissions, energy consumption, induction control, and cooperate with Yuchai in product development, product applications, after-sales service, technical training and other aspects widely as well as  help YuChai raise the level of research and development effectively in the next three to five years. The powerful technical supporting of Honeywell will win more advantages in the areas of better emissions, lower fuel consumption, higher reliability and economy in the industry for YuChai.

    Honeywell is one of the world's most outstanding suppliers of internal combustion engine fuel system and exhaust recirculation system. Yuchai and the Honeywell Corporation have a long history of cooperation. They began to cooperate in 1994. Honeywell provided pressurization system to YuChai at that time. Since 2005, they formed a strategic partnership. Through years of cooperation, they have achieved good results in product development and services. The close co-operation between Honeywell and Yuchai will add extraordinary brightness for the industry.

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