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Training course organized for teachers from secondary vocational schools
On August 4th, 53 key teachers from secondary vocational schools assembled together in the training centre building of Yuchai Group for a 21-day training in the application of numerical control technology, the operation and servicing maintenance of cars and motorcycle. It has been the third term training course held by Yuchai Group Training Center , the training base of teachers of secondary vocational education in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The vice-president of Yuchai Machinery Group labor union Rao Yingxian and the Director of Training Centre Wan Shenglan were present the opening ceremony.

On the opening ceremony, Rao Yingxian bid a warm welcome to all the key teachers first. Then he gave a brief introduction about the development of Yuchai Group and the efforts of Yuchai has made in respect of staff education in recent years. Meanwhile, he hopes that every teachers could impart their profuse teaching experience and favorable style to Yuchai's staff, and help Yuchai find out the problems and give advice from different perspectives during the study.

During the 21-day training, the training class will carry out the training programs through theories teaching, on-site watching, practicing operation and so on. The main subjects of training include the application of numerical control technology in Yuchai, the structure and working principal of machining center, numerical control milling machine, lathe operation, principle of high-pressure common rail system, troubleshooting, the analysis and solutions of engine problems and so on. After the training, teachers will have a better understand of Yuchai's enterprise culture and its advanced product and equipment, which will give a great help for teachers? future teaching practice.

It is an important task that mentioned in "Crucial decisions on the full implementation of vocational education" issued by the Committee of Chinese Communist Party and Government of Guangxi to strengthen the team building of teachers of secondary vocational education. For years, the Education Department of Guangxi has organized training classes for vocational schools' teachers many times. Yuchai has participated in the vocational education positively, and undertakes the key task of vocational education. It was selected as the training base for teachers of secondary vocational education. Yuchai has organized the training center for teachers of vocational education since 2006, and trained over 200 teachers in 2006 and 2007. Yuchai provides a great platform for further education of vocational schools' teacher, and got the high praise from Provincial Department of Education.

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