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Yuchai showed the 6M engine in Lingnan in March

    On March 14th, a group of special guests came to Xinhui district of Jiangmen city in Guangdong province, where has the name of bird heaven. Colored flags waved in front of the Gangzhou Hotel to welcome the guests. According to the agreement between Yuchai, Liugong and dealers, the first exhibition in Guangdong province of new generation of Liugong loader with Yuchai 6M was opening here. Guests included Chief of Liugongs Guangdong office Dazhong Lee, Chief Engineer of Yuchai 6M engine project Zhijun Chen, team member of Yuchai 6M engine project Wang Chen, service manager of Guangdong office Nanfu Liu, marketing manager Zhenkuang Wei, Exclusive dealer in Guangzhou Xian Huang, Deputy General Manager of Hengyida Company Haitong Huang, General Manager of Jiangmen Shenglihua Company Qizhang Liao, and user representatives together 60 people attended the meeting.

    Service manager of Guangdong office first introduced Yuchai and ensured service quality and part supply to users. He said that Yuchai would provide fastest service and guarantee sufficient part supply; and there is  no worry for users by using Yuchai 6M products. Engineer Zhijun Cheng introduced the advanced technology and six highlights of Yuchai 6M engine and make sure that the users remember  the six characters of big displacement, strong power, high efficiency, long life, good service, and making money fast. Then Chief of Liugongs Guangdong office Dazhong Lee introduced the features of Liugong 50 loader.

    Jiangmen Shenglihua Company, one of the sponsors of this exhibition, is a second level agent of Liugong Loaders  Its general manager Qizhang Liao has  passion for Yuchai. He sold the first Liugong 50 loader (with YC 6M ) in Guangdong in 2007 and then sold the first two loaders (with YC 6M ) in 2008. He said that he would fully cooperate with the promotion of Yuchai 6M product. He signed a contract with a user for one Liugong loader GLG855 equipped with Yuchai 6M engine in the exhibition.

    After the introduction, users came to the exhibition area to feel the new Liugong loader with Yuchai 6M engine. One user was very interested with the product and got into the cab to operate the machine. The users expressed that Yuchai should give them economical benefit with good service and reliable part supply. Through this exhibition, users had more understanding about Yuchai 6M engine and had more faith in the product.

    Yuchai Guangdong office would cooperate with the dealers to explore the Guangdong market and introduce Yuchai products all over the land of Lingnan .


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