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Energy-Saving and Pollutant Emission Reduction,the Responsibility of Yuchai Group

    The seminar on energy-saving and pollutant emission was carried out on March 18 in Shenyang public transit group in order to make fast and sound development of energy-saving and pollutant emission reduction. Yuchai Group rendered full support to hold this convention. The following leaders attended this seminar, namely, the main leaders of China Road Transport Association, Liaoning Road Transport Association, Environmental Protection Bureau and the Communications Bureau of Shenyang city, overall directors Of Shenyang public transit companies, and Dr. Liqin, Dr.feng jing in Yuchai as well as deputy general manager Chen Xu nan in Yuchai attended this convention. Deputy director Gaohong in the Communications Bureau of Shenyang city made a speech at the meeting , Director Liu Yi  in exhaust gas office of environmental protection bureau in Shen yang city delivered a lecture on the report of Energy-Saving and Pollutant Emission in public transit . Dr.Fengjing introduced the Yuchai engines with Euro 3 emission standards to all representatives, she also explained Yuchais Euro 3 engines had a great significance to the public transit from the technological perspective.

    Energy-saving and pollutant emission reduction is the strategic mission of the Central Committee of the Party and State Council, it is the great measures of applying the scientific outlook on development and building a harmonious society, and it is the important means of optimizing economic structure and transforming the growth pattern so as to promote sound and rapid development of the national economy. It is also the fundamental guarantee to realize the vitality of Shenyang old industrial base. "The Traffic Energy-Saving Project is one of eight important projects of energy-saving and pollutant emission reduction in Shenyang City . It makes clear that public transit industry needs to run the city on the energy-saving and environmental protection principles according to "low-consumed Oil and good function to quicken the pace of renewal. As one of Olympiad branch meeting place in 2008, Shenyang City will be full of vigor and green civilization to welcome the world. Public transit is the important window of a city image, which becomes one of key point of work in Shenyang city this year. Presently, there isnt a public vehicle in line with national emission standard Euro 3 in Shenyang , so we shouldnt optimize about the pollution of public vehicles emission. In order to welcome the guests from all directions with new and fresh face during Olympic games, the government of Shenyang decides to strengthen the renewal of public vehicles this year.1700 public vehicles will be renewed ,which can be listed in the 20 practical things for civilians, therefore the municipal government input 162 million as allowance fund. About 1400 public vehicles are going to run before August.

As the first brand of Chinese power, Yuchai still takes the lead in the innovation of environment-friendly engines. Owing to the core notion Green development, Win-win in Harmony , Yuchai takes on the strategic mission of energy-saving and pollutant emission reduction with great initiative. This seminar of Shenyang public transit on Energy-Saving and Pollutant Emission Reduction co-sponsored by Yuchai is the best embodiment. After the meeting, a reporter with Shenyang daily interviewed Dr. Li Qin, he said: " Shenyang is going to renew and increase 1700 public vehicles this year, which provide an opportunity for the salesman of domestic public vehicles. Although Yuchai will not sale the entire vehicle, most of enterprises of public vehicles will assign the engine manufacturers. I believe Yuchai will find favor in Shenyang public transit enterprises eyes. With high standard of emission reduction index, Yuchai engine can be a pride to devote every effort to beautifying Shenyang--- one of the Olympiad branch meeting place, which is the best wishes for all workers in Yuchai .

The deputy general manager Chen Xu nan in Yuchai Marketing Co. made a speech to Shenyang public transit. The title is Yuchai are willing to provide Shenyang public transit with the most prominent and high-quality power. Meanwhile, his statement was well received by all the conferees from the in-depth introduction of enterprises, products and technology, service and using conditions.

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