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Yuchai showed 6M heavy-type engine in Liugong's new product promotional meeting

    On March 25th, the Jinyang International Exhibition Center of Guiyang City was full of people. Over 10 heavy machines including excavators, rollers, loaders and forklifts lined up in front of the exhibition center. Guizhou Liugong held the 2008 new product promotional meeting here and at the same time had a clients meeting on the topic of creating value and building beautiful homeland by cooperation.

    This is the biggest product promotional meeting of Liugong in Guizhou area since Guizhou Huilong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd and Guizhou Shengdi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd regrouped in 2007. This meeting invited Liugongs old and key clients. More than 300 people of mining, construction and logistics industries attended the meeting.

    The two main purposes of this meeting were introducing Liugongs G series loaders and exchanging technical experiences. Liugong particularly introduced ZL 50C and GLG855 loaders equipped with Yuchai YC 6M engines. Many old users of Yuchai 30 machine gathered around the Liugong ZL 50C to inspect Yuchais new 6M heavy machine. Service manager and engineer of Yuchai Guizhou office seized the opportunity to introduce Yuchai 6M engine to users. It became the most crowded place in the exhibition sometime.

    The users took this opportunity to express their opinions about  Guizhou Liugong Company and also expressed their hope and requirements. They had high expectation to Liugong 50 series loader with Yuchai YC 6M engine. An old user of Yuchai 30 machine signed a ZL 50C loader on the spot that made a joyful moment in the meeting.

    People at the meeting were amazed by Yuchai heavy machines.. Among the 10 loaders sold in the meeting, 9 of them were equipped with Yuchai engines. It was much better than expected and was a miracle..

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