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Yuchai Established Joint Research & Development Center with Brunel University










Photo: Ping Yan (Left) signed cooperation agreement with Chris Jenks

    The production & research cooperation of Yuchai and Brunel University (U.K.) has made substantive progress. A few days ago, chairman of the board Ping Yan signed a cooperative agreement with Principal of Brunel University Prof. Chris Jenks on behalf of the enterprise and the university respectively. Ping Yan unveiled Brunel-Yuchai Research Center together with the Dean of School of Engineering & Design Prof. Savvas A Tassou on the unveiling ceremony.

    The establishment of Brunel-Yuchai Research Center is an important forward step for Yuchai to cooperate with international top engine design institutes, a significant act for Yuchai Engineering Research Institute moving to Top Five of the World, and also a major step for Yuchai to implement its internationalization strategy.

    British Burnel University is an excellent public university famous for its high-grade research, teaching quality and fine relationship with industrial and commercial enterprises. On March 8th, Professor Zhao Hua and Doctor Tom Ma of Brunel University visited Yuchai and discussed the aspects of cooperation, and both parties signed the frame agreement of production & research cooperation. On April 16th, accompanied by the Dean of Yuchai Engineering Research Institution Bin Zhuo and Board Secretary of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Shiyong Zhang, Ping Yan paid a  friendly visit to Brunel University . Regarding the issues of enhancing the cooperating between university and enterprise, transforming the advanced technology of internal-combustion engine into productivity, Ping Yan had a straight-out communication and reached a consensus with many leaders and experts including Prof. Chris Jenks, Prof. Savvas A Tassou and the Distinguished Professor of National Engine Combustion Lab of Tianjin University and Adjunct Professor School of Engineering & Design of Brunel University Hua Zhao.

    The aims of establishing Brunel-Yuchai Research Center are to investigate and develop new technique and new products of diesel engine, to train excellent internal-combustion engine engineers, to provide engineers opportunities of showing working achievements in this industry and academe, meanwhile, to provide platform for postgraduate students and postdoctoral students to participate in the research and development of advanced engine. This center will also be charged with research and exploiting tasks according to the plan of Yuchai new products, carry out prospective basic research work for developing Yuchai new products.


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