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Yuchai Group made donations worth more than 10000000Yuan to aid the reconstruction of disaster areas

    The natural disaster is merciless, but there is love on earth. The reconstruction of the quake-struck areas in Sichuan are only getting started. Yuchai Group has been aiding the earthquake-struck areas with positive efforts through donations and materials assistance gathering from various sources. Yuchai has donated 100 generator sets, 10 units of mini excavators, and 1 garbage disposal vehicle, which are worth more than 8 million Yuan; meanwhile, the employees contributed over 1 million Yuan, same as the amount that the company donated. These equipments and donations worth more than 10 million Yuan will reach the quake-hit areas in succession, which will greatly help the reconstruction of these places.

    The chairman of the Board of Yuchai Group Ping Yan paid close attention to the disaster areas. On the day when earthquake hit Whenchuan, he was not in China , but he immediately ordered Yuchais local representative offices and service stations to make all efforts to ensure the normal operation of disaster-relief machines while making sure of their own safety. After back from the overseas visit, he directly contacted the quake-stuck areas of Sichuan and expressed condolence and wishes to the victims on behalf of Yuchai. He expressed that whenever the country and the quake victims needed, Yuchai would fully support them with supplies and funds. He assigned Vice-secretary of the CCP Committee of Yuchai Group Jiasha Zhang and Vice-president of the labor union Yingxian Rao to supervise the use of quake aid and assist the reconstruction of the disaster areas.

    The future of a country lies in the hands of younger generation. Looking at the destroyed schools in Wenchuan earthquake, any people with a sense of social responsibility will not stand by unmoved. The chairman of Board Ping Yan decided to donate for building a Hope Primary School named Yuchai in the disaster area in the name of Yuchai Group with the donation from Yuchais employees. Ping Yan said: A country can lose anything except the future of children. At the same time, Yuchai CCP Committee is advocating employees to adopt orphans who survived the earthquake.

    In recent days, Yuchais employees have been giving their loves and cares to people in the disaster areas. So far Yuchai Labor Union has received donation of 937,082.8 Yuan from employees, and the donation is still going on. Some senior administrators and employees directly remitted their donations to the disaster areas through post office. According to incomplete statistics, donations from Yuchais employees has now been more than 100 million Yuan.

    Yuchai Group is bearing in mind that the enterprise should reward the society while growing bigger and stronger. Within recent years, Yuchai has donated 7.5 million Yuan to build 35 Hope Primary Schools in Poor mountainous Area in Guangxi and sent volunteers to provide educational support for many times. Since 2006, Yuchai has carried out The Spring Bud Project to subsidize 500 poverty-stricken female students to complete their study each year, which shows its strong sense of social responsibility.

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