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Yuchai Automobile voluntary transportation team successfully delivered goods to the disaster area
    In the morning of May 27th, the Balong heavy truck C Yuchai Machine voluntary goods delivery team jointly organized by Yuchai and Liuzhou Automobile successfully transmitted relief goods from Guangzhou and Zhanjiang cities to Sichuan province, and handed them to responsible departments in Chengdu city, Jiangyou city and Beichuan town.











 Yuchai Liuzhou automobile voluntary transportation team is delivering relief goods

    This time, Yuchai and Liuzhou Automobile organized a voluntary transportation team composed of 9 Balong 507 heavy trucks equipped with Yuchai 6L engines. They started off from Guangzhou in the morning of May 25th, and arrived destination in the morning of May 27th, via Guangxi , Guizhou , Chongqi and Chengdu ; 2 trucks sent goods to Chengdu , and the other 7 trucks delivered relief goods to Jiangyou city and Beichuan town. When the transportation team arrived, the donators and receivers had a short meeting to handover the relief goods. Vice city major of Jiangyou city, Chief of Beichuan Sanitation Bureau, Vice Secretary of CCP committee of Yuchai Group Jiasha Zhang, and journalist of Guangzhou TV station attended the meeting. Jiasha Zhang said in the meeting: Yuchai is ready to help and make contribution to people in the disaster area; Yuchai wishes that the disaster area can be rebuilt as soon as possible, and wishes the people in the disaster area to walk out of sorrow and start new lives as soon as possible!











Jiasha Zhang (front left) shook hands with Guangzhong Deng the Chief of Guangzhou Office that is in charge of receiving and collecting relief goods for Sichuan disaster area

    When disaster struck, help came from all sides. Being responsible for the society and dedicated to social welfare, Yuchai and Liuzhou Automobile jointly organized this voluntary transportation activity shortly after the earthquake happened on May 12th in Sichuan . Once they knew there was large amount of relief goods needed to deliver from Guangzhou to Sichuan disaster area, Yuchai and Liuzhou Automobile voluntarily contacted the donation institution, and expressed their wishes to take this delivery mission. Guangdong donation institution highly praised and supported their action. Guangzhong Deng, the chief officer of Guangzhou office that is in charge of receiving and collecting relief goods for Sichuan disaster area, told the reporter: We are very happy that Yuchai and Liuzhou Automobile voluntary transportation team could deliver the relief goods to Sichuan in time and safely. Many thanks to Yuchai and Liuzhou Automobile for their unselfish contribution! Beichuan town was severely damaged in this earthquake; as representative of donation receiver, Huazhao, the Chief of Beichuan Sanitation Bureau, told the report emotionally: the disaster situation in Beichuan is very terrible. We hope that the relief goods can arrive as fast as possible. We are very grateful that Yuchai and Liuzhou Automobile voluntary transportation team sent us 9 trucks of goods within only 2 days, thats a big contribution for people in the disaster area. Thanks a lot!

    This time, 21 drivers of Yuchai and Liuzhou Automobile participated in the relief goods delivery activity. The reporter interviewed the team leader Mr. Mo. When asked if this mission was hard, Mr. Mo answered with his deep voice: Driving is my job. Compared with the good action of Yuchai and Liuzhou Automobile, our work is really not worth mentioning. Mr. Mo also said, Yuchai engine had proved its excellent performance and obtained unanimous praise from the drivers, and some drivers expressed their willingness to buy more Yuchai engines in the future.

    Guangzhou TV station and Guangzhou Information Newspaper followed and reported the entire delivery process. It was known that the relief good were donated by citizens of Guangzhou and Zhanjiang , mainly included medicine, food, camps, disinfectants, etc.

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