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Three points are linked by one line, and scientific scheduling makes good service

    It comes the wheat harvest season, service people in the customer center become very busy; great numbers of phones are calling to the service managers, to the calling center and service hotline all the time. In order to speed up the reaping progress, the customer service center, the local office and the service station have formed one union of interacting linkage, and under the support of local agricultural department and harvesters of different regions, they effectively provided services for the harvest work.

Service center: a telephone book provides service guide


    The customer service center printed a telephone book that listed all service numbers, including telephones of the headquarter office, the service hotlines, and mobile phones of repairmen, service team leaders, etc. With this book, the harvesters can contact the responsible service people immediately if the machine fails, which saves time for the peasants.

     Besides, the calling center would send mobile phone messages to instruct users on how to improve the harvest efficiency.

service telephones for the summer harvest in 2008

Office: a passport for smooth traveling of the service car

    In order to provide instructions and better service for the harvest work, the Henan office managed to get the green passport for the service vehicles, so they can pass the tollgate for free. Besides, the office cooperated closely with the service station; on one hand, they help the local agricultural department to transfer the reaping machines from the finished fields to other fields; on the other hand, they reasonably arrange the maintenance technicians to ensure the timely service in every place.

The green passport for the service car in the harvest region

    Service station: on one hand provides good service for the harvest work, on the other hand actively assists the reconstruction of the disaster area


    Over 10 main service stations in the agricultural provinces, such as Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Xuzhou, Shandong, Shanxi, and Sichuan, received requirement from the headquarter, that they should organize service teams to help the local harvest work. On one hand, under the current tense oil supply situation, they should prepare sufficient diesel oil and parts to guarantee the reaping machines work smoothly, on the other hand, according to the national requirements of assisting the disaster area, many service station should take the disaster relief mission. Some service station should not only arrange the harvest and storage of grain, but also send experienced drivers and technicians to the disaster area to assist the reconstruction work. Whenever the country needs Yuchai, it will take its social responsibility with no hesitation.


The service team of Zhumadian service station in Henan province

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