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Yuchai's Technology of Reducing Casting Residual Stress Achieves International Advanced Level

On Aug.16th, Guangxi Scientific & Technological Bureau organized experts to authenticate the achievement of Yuchais project of research on using the remaining heat of casting parts such as engine cylinder and cylinder head to conduct solution-aging heat treatment. Through authentication, this research project possessed self-owned intellectual right with innovations at advanced level both at home and abroad.

The authentication meeting was held at the meeting room on the 4th Floor of Yuchai Engine Building. An authentication commission comprised of 7 people including Professor Li Yuancai from Huazhong University of Science and Technology as the Director and Professor Chen Jiaquan from Guangxi University as Deputy Director authenticated the technological achievements of the project. Relative leaders such as Division Chief of Scientific & Technological Bureau Li Weihong, Director Chief of Yulin Municipal Scientific & Technological Bureau Yu Yifei and core members of the project team including the Plant Manager Zhao Guoqin, Deputy Division Chief of Quality Development Tong Siyi from the casting plant attended the authentication meeting.

On the meeting, Tong Siyi conducted technological report of the project from the aspects of working key points, economical and social benefit and development perspective. After listening the report, the experts raised several problems, which were answered by the members of project team.

On the basis of reading relevant technological document and surveying production site and after detailed discussion, the authentication commission gave out their suggestion that this project possessed self-owned intellectual right, which was innovative and reached advanced technological level both at home and abroad. The project complied with the national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy, presenting obvious economical and social benefit with broad application prospective. They all suggested to further enlarge the application scale so as to contribute for improving the promotion of application in the industry as well as for energy-saving and emission-reduction.

It is known that stronger casting residual stress will result in the deformation and crack of casting parts, influencing the quality and further processing of the casting parts. The project firstly put forward solution-aging heat treatment process using casting residual heat and electricity-additional heat, making using it on the solution-aging heat treatment process of castings such as engine cylinder and cylinder head and conducting innovation onto electricity-additional heat device and heat treatment process. Presently, the application of this technological achievement gained periodical result.
1.  The reduction effect of casting residual stress was obvious. The average residual stress of casting parts treated by this process was no more than 20 MPa, less than the residual stress value using domestic traditional heat treatment process.
2.  Energy consumption was greatly reduced. During the three-years practical production application, the technology saved electricity of 1.1126 million Kwh, amount to 4124.7t coal.
3.  The technology reduced site using area of tradition solution-aging heat treatment process, improving the using rate and production efficiency, decreasing emission of heat while improving the operational environment of workers and ensuring smooth logistics.

According to relevant personnel, the achievement of this technological project will be further promoted and applied in the casting center under construction.

About Yuchai

Founded in 1951, YUCHAI group is located in Yulin, Guangxi, which is enjoying the fine reputation of being ancient prefecture for a thousand of years & city in the south of the mountains. Now it is possessed of 37 solely-owned, holding or equity-participating subsidiaries, employs a staff of 16000 and has total assets of RMB11.6 billion. Today YUCHAI group is the largest independent production base of diesel engines in the world and the largest manufacturer & exporter of the medium- & small-sized construction machinery in China, being known as the Chinese capital of green power.

The core business of the group is composed of six sectors, i.e. diesel engines, construction machinery, automobile parts, automobile chemical products, materials circulation & electromechanical products and special vehicles; meanwhile the group is also making outstanding achievements in fields such as hotels, tourism, real estate development and management etc. With an annual productivity and sales volume of 600000 diesel engines and 10000 units of medium- & small-sized construction machinery, YUCHAI occupies half of the high-grade diesel engine market in China and is one of the top three enterprises of Chinese road transport equipment. Over the past years, YUCHAI honorably stands in front ranks among Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, Top 500 Chinese Famous Brands, Top 500 Chinese Machine-building Enterprises and Top 100 Chinese Automobile Parts & Components Manufacturers.

                                                                       AuthorTina Lu

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