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Yulin joins hands with Beihai, Yuchai Group to further develop Beihai High-grade Lubricant Company


Yulin and Beihai sign the co-operation framework agreement for planning and construction of Tieshan Port (Longtan) construction

On August 15 and 16, the Party Secretary Wen Ming and the Mayor of Yulin Jin Xiangjun  led the party and government delegation to Beihai for cooperation talk between the two cities. Yuchai Group Chairman and Party Secretary Yan Ping, Vice General Manager of Yuchai Group and the Beihai Yuchai High-grade Lubricant Company President Chen Huiwen, Assistant to the President of Gaoyun High-grade Lubricant Company Liao Ruiju attended the meeting. The leaders of the two cities discussed in-depth on how to further speed up the Tieshan Port (Longtan) construction and how to expand Yuchai lubricant oil business.

During the Beihai&Yulin co-operation and development meeting, both cities reported on the recent progress of Tieshan Port (Longtan) construction work and signed a co-operation framework agreement for planning and construction of Tieshan Port (Longtan) construction.

At the meeting, Yan Ping made a report on Beihai Yuchai High-grade Lubricant Company performance in recent years. He said, although it has a good upward momentum, but still there is deficiency in production capacity. After the thorough investigation and study, Yuchai Group decided to launch the 2nd phase project in the second half of this year in  Beihai with an annual output capacity of 100,000 tons. He also pointed out that it needed Beihai to coordinate for some issues. He hoped that the Beihai Government would help solve them.

The Standing Committee of the Guangxi CCP Committee and Secretary of the Beihai CCP Committee Wen Kahua fully acknowledged Beihai Yuchai High-grade Lubricant Company's contribution to the Beihai City . He expressed that the government would fully coordinate in the issues encountered, resolve the company's worries, and jointly promote the cooperation and mutual development of Yulin and Beihai.

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