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Guangxi Party Secretary Guo Shengkun visited Yuchai

Guo Shengkun (1st right) visits the workshop

In the morning of August 26, Guangxi party Secretary Guo Shengkun, together with other leaders from provincial departments, accompanied by Yulin Party Secretary Wen Ming and Yulin mayor Jin xiangjun visited Yuchai. In the front of the Dongli Tower , General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Co.Ltd. Li Tiansheng, Acting General Manager of the Yuchai Group Gu Tangsheng, Vice Executive Manager of the Machinery Co.,Ltd. Liang Heping, Vice Manager Li Chengjie and Senior Technology Consultant to the Chairman Zhuo Bin welcomed the guests.

In the demonstration hall, Li Tiansheng delivered a report on the basic situation of the Yuchai Group and  the development strategies. He focused on the internationalization strategic objectives and said: "the goal is to boost the export volume up to 10-20% of the whole annual sales within 2-3 years and to achieve 30%within  5 years; Internationalize Yuchais brand, product and the manufacture base." Li Tiansheng indicated that Yuchai has a solid foundation for the development. Under the strong support of the party committee and government of Guangxi and Yulin city, Yuchai is confident to achieve this year's business objectives and internationalization strategic goals.

Guo Shengkun praised that Yuchai had a strong sense of opening up, a very clear strategy of internationalization and wished Yuchai to meet internationalization objectives at an early date.

Guo Shengkun then entered the heavy duty machinery equipment testing workshop and looked over the most advanced assembly line for heavy duty diesel engine installation and testing. In the workshop, a group of engines of Euro-III, IV drew the attention of the former entrepreneur Guo Shengkun. He carefully checked the engines, and inquired details of the engine performance, technical parameters, as well as the market competitiveness.

Guo Shengkun was very concerned about the research and development of Yuchai engines, and paid a special visit to the laboratory to understand the development of Yuchai and the leading-edge technology. Professor Zhuo Bin made a detailed presentation. In the laboratory, Guo Shengkun inspected the first domestic Euro-V engines, the first homemade sedan-used 4W diesel engine as well as the testing car equipped with 4w engines. He also personally experienced the noise-free environment at the noise testing site.

The flourishing development of Yuchai, coupled with the energetic working environment, gave a perfect impression to Guo Shengkun. From Jan.-Jun. of this year, Yuchai Group reaped a total revenue of 13.8 billion Yuan, up by 37.04 percent compared to the same period of last year. It met  60% of the annual goal. Guo Shengkun said that Yuchai has a strong development momentum. He hoped that Yuchai would continue open mind, create new development thinking, seize opportunities to speed up the pace, and make outstanding contributions to the development of Guangxis economy.                                                     

Authors:  Tang Ning, Zhou Hui, Huang Zhirong, Liang Rui                     

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