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The Shanghai public transportation "Sunwind Cup" competition concluded

"Sunwind Cup" was an event that was co-sponsored by the Shanghai Public Transport Association, the Shanghai Municipal Department of Transportation and the Shanghai Sunwind Bus Co., Ltd. Because Yuchai has a large share in Shanghai 's public transportation engines market, the organizer added the repair skill competition of Yuchai engines.

Aiming to promote the image of Yuchai products, as well as to standardize and regulate the maintenance and repair of Yuchai product for the transportation companies, upon receiving inform from the Shanghai Public Transport Association, the Director of the Yuchai Shanghai Office Wang Jixin paid much attention to the event. From the program arrangement, the contents of the score to the score standards, he made great efforts to try to achieve the best.

Managers and staff of the Office and the Euro-III team worked together for the competition.  The Yuchai engine maintenance skills contest started from August 19. The contest was consisted of 2 parts: theory and practice. After 3 days of exciting preliminary, 16 teams reached  the final.

In the afternoon of August 23, the final was held in Jinshan Bus Company. The leaders from Shanghai Public Transport Association, the Shanghai Municipal Department of Transportation, the Sunwind Bus  and other bus companies attended the event and acted as the judges. In the end, according to the performance, the top 6 were selected.

After the competition, the leaders of all organizations, judges and competition teams highly appreciated the program and the operation of the competition; meanwhile, regardless of rank, team members told that  through the game they understood better on how to do good maintenance and repair of Yuchai engines.

Author: Yao Xiangkai


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