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More than 100 Fotonlovol harvesters equipped with Yuchain engines sent to Tibet

Recently, in order to promote the harmonious development of Tibet and improve the efficiency of its farming, the central government launched aid projects in Tibet . The Government had planed to purchase more than 100 fotonlovol harvesters equipped with Yuchai engines for the Tibetan farmers. From Aug. 12 to18, the delivery ceremonies of the reapers were held in Mozhugongka County , Dazhi County , Duilong County , and Linzhou County separately.

On August 16, in Linzhou County of Lhasa City, 56 brand-new reaping machines were placed neatly on a parking lot. Above the reapers, a bright red banners flies high. On it wrote "Yuchai Machinery - Fotonlovol sincerely serve for Tibet ". People from the township could not hold back their feelings of joy  and could not wait to rush to the harvesters. They carefully watched and pated on the modern machinery. Fukuda staff, along with Yuchai staff of Lhasa service office trained users to use and maintain those machines on site, allowing them to learn the skills as soon as possible.

After the ceremony, dozens of reapers started drilling. All of a sudden, roaring machinery, loud voices, and then with the Tibetan people's fervent hope, the harvesters were drove out of the venue, bound for various parts of Tibet for the summer harvest.

The first use of harvesters in Tibet has attracted a lot of public attention and has had a very great impact on the society. Mayor of Lhasa , and other leaders of governmental agencies attended the grand ceremony. The Tibet Television, newspapers and other news media at the same time conducted comprehensive follow-up reports.

Author: Liang Zhongming

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