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Ou Jinyong an employee of Yuchai attends the 15th Chinese National Labor Union's Congress

On October 15,  Ou Jinyong, as a member of Guangxi delegation, arrived in Beijing to attend the15th Chinese National Labor Union's Congress from Oct. 17-21.

Ou Jinyong is currently the welder and head of component team with the metalwork sub-plant. He started working since 1987, and has been working hard on the front line of the most difficult, rigorous environment at the welding position. He has made considerable contributions to Yuchai. In 2005, he was named the "model workers of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region" and "Bagui Star of Guangxi "; in 2006, he was awarded the "technician expert" of Yulin; in 2007, he received the state-level May 1st Labor Medal.

Ou Jinyong is very excited to attend the congress. "As an ordinary worker,"  He said, " I did not expect to go to Beijing as a representative to the congress. I will certainly carry out my duties and bring back the spirit of the congress to the company and make greater achievements in my post. "

Author:  Chen Xinghua

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