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Vice President of Laos Boungnang Vorachith visited Yuchai

Vice President of Laos Boungnang Vorachith (front 2nd from the left), accompanied by Li Tiansheng (front 1st from the left) ,visits the workshop of Yuchai

In the afternoon of Oct. 23rd, Vice President of Laos Boungnang Vorachith with the government delegation of Laos visited Yuchai. The vice president of the Board of Yuchai Machinery Group Ltd. Li Tiansheng and vice General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Ltd. Li Chengjie warmly welcomed the guests.

At Yuchai, Boungnang Vorachith, along with other delegates, visited the heavy- duty processing workplace and the installation and testing workplace. After watching the video show of Yuchai, they personally experienced the top manufacture level of China 's largest internal-combustion engine base. During the visit, Boungnang Vorachith got close the assembly lines to observe the operation of the workers with great interest. At the installation and testing workplace, he showed great interest of the heavy-duty engines lined alongside and carefully asked their performance and market demand.

At the end of the visit, Boungnang Vorachith shaked hands with Li Tiansheng and expressed his impression of the trip. Li cordially extended his wish of a re-visit of the vice President.

Author: Tang Ning            Photo: Wen Zhenghua

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