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Yuchai Group held 2008 "Spring Bud Plan"donation ceremony

Fund-receiving female-students and the leaders of Yuchai

In the afternoon of October 23, 2008, vice chairman of Yulin Women's Federation Dang Li, Deputy party secretary of Yuchai Group and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Group Zhang Jiasha, Secretary General of the Council of the Group Guo Deming attended the Spring Bud Plan donation ceremony. The plan was hosted by the Party Secretary of the Yuchai Machinery Co. , Ltd. Liang Ping.

During the ceremony, all units of the Yuchai Group got on the stage to make donations one after another. For this year, a total amount of over 220 thousand Yuan was donated by the staff. Guo Demin, on behalf of the Group, delivered the fund to Vice Chairman of Yulin Women's Federation  Dang Li. The fund-receiving students representatives were also on the stage to accept the funds. One student expressed that they were sincerely grateful to the Yuchais staff for their kindnesses and continuous support.

Zhang Jiasha gave a speech at the ceremony. He appreciated  the leaders and staff of Yuchai for their positively response to the call of the Group, and keep supporting the Spring Bud Plan enthusiastically. In the past 3 years, Yuchai had donated more than 800 thousand Yuan by the employees to fund over 500 needed girls for their education. Furthermore, Zhang Jiasha also emphasized that: the Laborers Union would continuously carry on the strong social responsibilities and support the needed female-students as an obligatory duty and persist in upholding the Spring Bud Plan.

Vice Chairman of Yulin Women's Federation Dang Li acknowledged the donation. She commended Yuchai for involvement in society charity through funding and helping needy students while advancing Yuchais own business.

The ceremony also presented the on-site fund awards to more than 20 Yuchai staffs young ones who are eligible for the 2nd Love Heart Store funding charity.

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