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Another group of employees' kids admitted to colleges with scholarship from Yuchai Group

Yuchai leaders and the award-winning students

In the morning of Aug. 26, 2008, Yan Ping loving care fund for students, along with Yuchai Group Education Fund held an award ceremony at the Cultural Center .

Since the establishment of Yuchai Group Education Fund and Yan Ping loving care fund for students in 2006, each year in August, students who received the admission to the universities will receive the awards from Yuchai. This year, a total of 45 employees' children got the admission, among them 39 students received awards from Yuchai Group Education Fund, and 19 outstanding needy students received awards from Yan Ping loving care fund for students.

Party Committee Deputy Secretary Zhang Jiasha said that it was not only the responsibility of the parents but also the responsibility of Yuchai Group to help a student, warm a family and plant a hope seed for the needy employee for the healthy growth of children. The Group will, as always, boost student funding, concern about the difficult employee, and work hard  to prevent any child from dropping out of school for poverty. She hoped that the award recipients take  the opportunity to study hard in college, and to meet the expectation of Yan Ping and Yuchai.

Chen Xinghua a parent on behalf of the recipients said that in the future, she would continue to educate her children so that the children learn skills very hard and then to repay Yuchai and society. As a parent, she would work harder to contribute more to the development of Yuchai.

Li Ting on behalf of the student recipients, said that the love of Yuchai and Yan Ping was very strong. It warmed the hearts of students and inspirited them to move forward. They would certainly study hard and return with outstanding results.

Zhang Jiasha, Liang Ping, Huang Zuyan and other leaders presents awards to the students.

Author: Wen Zhenghua

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