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The whole National Youth Models Team helps the orphan student to continue studying

Chen Tianen (middle front) and the team members

At six pm on September 5, it was drizzling. The entrance of the Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. was crowded with the National Youth Model team members. They warmly welcomed a 10 year old child Chen Tianen with their love and passion. The team members made donations to Tianen. The donations were highly appreciated by the deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of the company Huang Youyan. He offered two boxes of moon cakes to Tianen.

At the gate of the Yuchai Machinery Co, Ltd, the members of the National Youth Models Team warmly talked with Chen Tianen and presented him cash and supplies. When the Secretary of the Communist Youth League of the 1st engine plant Lu Tianyun and other staff walked by the gate they all made donations. Some of the staff even went back home to get the well-prepared clothes and school supplies. Within 20 minutes, the amount of donation reached 1,314.8 Yuan.

On September 6, the National Youth Model team leader Chen Hai , together with some other members sent Chen Tianen to Guinan Hospital for a detailed medical examination. After the examination, they paid the medications and accompanied him to buy books, school supplies, shoes and socks, etc. Tianen loves books. When he opened the books, he smiled brightly.

Tianen lost his parents at an early age and lives in a destitute situation. It is hard for him to afford to go to school. The quality department of the 1st engine plant found his situation and quickly responded to the call of the company--"ne helps one, so more is helped out" donation for the dream of the needy students. They collected money for the activity. Since 2007, they collect 800 Yuan to fund the studying of Chen every year.

Kids without the love from parents are the tough ones. So Tianen needs not only the materials, but more loves and encouragements. The team will accompany and help him during his whole way to grow up. The team members said.

Author: Tang Liyu

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