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Foundation of Songtao Yuchai Hope Elementary School was laid

Yan Ping (front right), on behalf of the Yuchai Group, donates equipments worthy of 1.48 million

Leaders of Ziyang city award the certificate to Yan Ping (front left)

Yan Ping (second from right) and Yuchai Group Vice General Manager Li Hanyang (1st from the right), together with the leaders of the Ziyang City , lay the foundation for the hope elementary school

On the morning of Aug. 22, the Songtao Yuchai Hope Elementary School in Ziyang City of Sichuan Province that Yuchai Group contributed 1.5 million Yuan, laid the construction foundation. Ziyang City Party Secretary Zhai Zhanyi, Mayor Luo Qinhong, Yuchai Chaiman Yan Ping attended the foundation-laying ceremony.

3 months ago, the Sichuan earthquake killed tens of thousands of people and destroyed large amount of buildings. As the leader in internal combustion engine industry, Yuchai Group has been making endowments as a means in sharing social responsibility. Yuchai Group has donated over 15 million Yuan for the relief efforts in the area. In addition, Yuchai Group endowed 2 excavators and 6 generating unit groups to the Ziyang City , worthy of 1.48 million Yuan.

Numerous schools collapsed in Ziyang City by the earthquake and in a bid to help children return to school on time, Yuchai Group contributed a total of 1.5 million Yuan to the Songtao Yuchai Hope Elementary School. Upon the foundation-laying ceremony, Yan Ping emotionally said: "If a small tree is to grow, it needs fertile soil, sufficient water and sunlight; likewise, if we are going to help the children grow well, then we need the joint care and efforts from schools, families, and society! He promised that from now on Yuchai would always  support the charity of society.

Author: Tang Ning

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