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Vehicle service teams for Olympic Game successfully accomplished the task

The first batch of service team of Beijing Olympic Games returned to Yuchai, after completing the task

During the Olympic Games in Beijing , over 5,500 Yuchai engines provided green power to more than 100 bus lines and the Yuchai state , engine accounted for half of the Beijing public transport market share. But not a single one of the over 1,000 cars for Olympic Games equipped with Yuchai engines broke down during the game. Yuchais service team was highly appreciated among all of the driver teams. "This is mainly due to our sufficient preparatory work." The chief engineer from the Yuchai Sales Company, Hu Tiebin said. 

From April this year, Yuchais service center started planning, organizing, and preparation for the service for the Olympic Games. Beijing public Transportation Company kept the arrangements of transportation vehicles for the Games in secret because of safety. Yuchai service center did thoroughly investigation of the Beijing market. They developed the services programs and had done careful preparations in order to do a good job for the Olympic Games.   

Conversion in conception was the key to successful service. Yuchai converted the idea of "mobilized repair" into a "pre-check" and planed to complete the pre-check by August 8. Beijing Public Transportation Company said: "There was no other company more well-arranged, on time as well as on spot than Yuchai." The service team held a regular meeting every week. During the meeting all members talked their experience, problems to communicate and improve services.

Yuchai sent 36 engineers for the maintenance of over 5,500 vehicles that equipped with Yuchai engines. It was an extraordinary workload because during the Olympic Games there was no room for any mistakes. By Aug. 8, they had to complete checking all vehicles. It was a huge challenge for the young staff. Tan Deyong , along with other team member in Changping District, were responsible for checking more than 300 engines. They worked from down to dusk, long hours at high temperature in the cars. Wang Daoxian and other team members were in the Shijingshan District that included  the Olympic bicycle routes.  They gave up some rest time in order to  check more than 500 vehicles engines. Wang said: "During the time in Beijing , in order to guarantee the transportation of cars, we worked overtime every day to inspect engines, even never on time for meals." They efficiently completed the task of pre-check and there was no delay in the transportation of any car. In the meantime, all other teams sent by Yuchai to various cities of the Olympic Games completed the maintenance task in time.

"Olympic service is not a small matter." In case of problems in cars equipped with Yuchai engines, Yuchai service personnel would  help the users on time. Chen Zhijun was in charge of the service for Shouqi Group. During the Olympic, Shouqi was responsible for the delivery of athletes, referees and officials from various countries. On the upcoming of the Olympic opening ceremony, Chen received a call to repair a car at 6:00 p.m. The car would be used to transport foreign officials in the next morning. He came to the company at 4 pm to wait for the car. At 9:30 p.m the car was sent back. Forgot tiredness and hunger, he dedicated himself to the work. During the Games, no motor problem occurred in vehicles of Shouqi.  

Yuchais well-organized service in the Beijing Olympic Games won wide praise from users.

Author: Ning Jing                Source: China Auto News                 


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