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Establishment of the new Group's Board of Directors and the new management team

The meeting of all high level executives

On September 22, Yan Ping announced the establishment of the Board of Guangxi Yuchai Group Co.,  Ltd. and the first management team during the meeting of Yuchai Group and Yuchai Co., Ltd. 

The establishment follows the announcement of <<About the Position Change of Mr. Yan Ping by the government of Yulin city>> that ordered to disband the Committee and establish the Board. The selected 11 directors are Yan Ping, Li Tingshen, Gu Tanshen, Zeng Shiqiang, Zhang Shiyong, Zhang Jiasa, Chen Chunqiang, Wu Qiwei, Liang Heping, Li Hanyang, and Wang Hong. Besides those directors, Rao Yingxian was selected as the director representing the employee.

Yan Ping is the chairman of the Board of Drectors and Li Tingshen is the vice chairman.

The new executive of the Group consists of six members which include the Chief Executive, Gu Tangsheng, Deputy Executives Zhang Shiyong, Yang Bo,Su Peng, Chief Engineer Li Hanyang, and Chief Accountant Wang Hong. The average age of the executives is 36 years and they all have university degrees. One of them has PhD degree and 3 of them have masters.

The new Board replaces the old committee with the old management team become the new boards executive team. The senior management positions are also changed according to the new board. The old Director Assistant becomes the new Chairman Assistant. The Special President Assistant becomes the new Special Assistant to the Chairman. The Assistant to the Chief Manager become the Assistant to the President.

Mr. Yan Ping took the human resource as the key for enterprise development. He said: We can overcome any difficult situation if we have the human resources. Since become the leader of Yuchai, he has concentrated on the build up of management team. He required building high quality management team and creative labour force, and introduced many new ideas of building high quality human resource. For the past three years, many people were promoted. A big group of young people become leaders. A group of excellent managers become senior executives in the board.

The photo of Board of Directors

The new executives are responsible for sustainable and healthy development of Yuchai. Yan Ping requires the management team fully on duty to achieve the goals of the 11th and 12th five-year development plan. He also asked all management team to draft their development target according to their weakness and strength.

Li Tingshen, Gu Danshen, Zhang Shiqiang, and Zhang Jiasa also expressed that they will work hard for the development of Yuchai.

After the meeting, the executives had a picture together to celebrate the establishment of the board.

Author:  Tang Ning, Yan Bing, Wen Zhenghua

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