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The 4th Congress of China Communist Party of Yuchai grandly opened
On October 16 of the beautiful autumn season, the 4th Congress of China Communist Party of Guangxi Yuchai Group Co.,Ltd. was held in the Cultural Center.
The Cultural Center filled of grandness and enthusiasm. A board with "the 4th Congress of The CCP of Guangxi Yuchai Group Co., Ltd" hung above the stage. The golden symbol of the CCP above the stage was colorful. Flowers were put on the front of the stage.
241 of the 250  delegates attended the congress with nine absent because of sickness.

Yulin Municipal Party Committee and government both showed great consideration about the congress. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal CCP Committee Liu Zifu, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal CCP Committee  Cui Shaofu, Vice Director of Municipal CCP Organization Department Pan Jingkui, Municipal SASAC Director He Faxian, and Party Secretary of the SASAC Li Zhilin were invited to the event. The leaders of Yuchai Group, including Yan Ping, Li Tiansheng, Gu Tangsheng,Zhang Jiasha, Liang Ping,Zeng Shiqiang and Rao Yingxian attended the meeting.

The meeting was start at 8:00am with the Chinese anthem. Zhang Jiasha hosted the opening ceremony.
Deputy Secretary of the Municipal CCP Liu Zifu, on behalf of the Municipal CCP and municipal government, expressed the warm congratulations to the opening of the meeting and highly appreciated Yuchai's contribution to Yulin City. Liu said: Yuchai is the landmark of Yulin industry, and Yulin's objective to build a well known city for small and medium enterprises can not be met without the help from Yuchai; the restructuring and industrial upgrading of Yulin city also needs the help of Yuchai; Yuchai needs to push its strategy to develop forward. He expressed his hope that the new leaders to be elected at the congress, would unite and lead the whole party members and workers, improve the core competitiveness, and maintain strong growth momentum for Yuchai and Yulin.

Vice Minister of Municipal CCP Committee Organization Department Pan Jingkui delivered a speech at the conference. On behalf of Yulin CCP Organization Department he extended his warm congratulation to the congress.

Yan Ping, on behalf of the 3rd Committee of the Communist Party of Guangxi Yuchai Group Co., Ltd., delivered a report of the Implementation of "the Green Development and Hard Working at Outstanding Quality and Internationalization of Yuchai".
The report was divided into three sections: First, a review of the work over the past six years; Second, the current situation and business development goals; Third, to build Yuchai into an internationally renowned brand.
For the past six years, Yan Ping pointed out that  the Party Committee of the Group has united and led the whole Party members as well as centered on the development and reform under the guidance of the central Party Committee and government, the Party's 16th National Congress, Party's 17th National Congress  the provincial party committee and Yulin City party committee and government.Especially since 2005, the party committee played a central role on the smooth transition of the management team and encouraging the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff. The whole Group achieved a historical step forward and successful completed the objectives set by the third party congress.

While speaking on the development of the business, Yan Ping said: Today's world economy is in a great reform and adjustment; Yuchai still keeps a rapid growth for years; even the overall industry slipped in 2005, Yuchai still maintained an upward trend; the achievement did not come easily. Looking into the future, it is necessary to understand the current difficulties, and have to understand fully of the grim situation of every business sector.

Yan Ping pointed out that our 6 sectors: engine business, engineering machinery, auto chemicals, the logistics, auto components, and special cars, have our own strength and weakness compared to the leading companies. It is necessary to see the achievement, but also needs to know  the gap. The gap is the development space. Only if  we see and identify the gaps, turn the pressure into a driving force, foster the competition sense, and race against time, can we proudly stand on the forefront of the industry.
Yan Ping listed the objectives of the company company. Sales: increase the revenues to reach 35-55 billion in the next 3-5 years, and reach 80 billion by 2015; the work of party building: keep up with the times and maintain a reliable and recognized organization; human resounces development goal: to be team-orientated, multi-dimensional, professional and international; R&D innovations: to possess independent innovation ability, and create a world-class engineering research institute; the corporate culture build up objectives: to be an inclusiveness, openness, advanced culture; brand building objectives: to create a world-class brand; to protect the people's livelihood: keep a steady income growth; all-round protection of the rights; improve the environment; enhance the happiness of the employees' living and working.
The strategy to achieve the goals are:1. to have a strong sense of crises and responsibility for the development of Yuchai; 2. to build a team with ability and integrity; 3. stay on self-innovation to build a high-tech Yuchai; 4. to promote the soft strength of the corporate culture; 5. to pursue excellence management, realize the monitoring and control on the investment and financing; 6. to step forward to internationalization, by the way of sustainable development; 7. to develop a new good relationship between the Party and people.
Finaly, he said, the next 3-5 years is the critical point for Yuchai. The challenge of internationalization being varied from the past, the company is to cope with the new challenges. Party branches of all levels and all party members should take the glorious momentous mission for Yuchai to become an internationally well-known brand!  

The congress is a big event for the all employee of Yuchai. Twenty five mid-level managers and retired managers were invited to the congress. Besides those representatives, another 805 people were invited to the meeting that included CCP local unit members, 2007 model members, communist youth league members and some worker representatives.

According to the agenda of the meeting, Huang Zuyan gave a report on <Keep Innovative thinking and Continue to be Transparent and Open>, representing the 3rd discipline committee.    
After the opening ceremony, the representatives were divided to groups and hold group discussion.  
Authors: Tang Ning, Huang Zhirong
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