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Yuchai Group held the "Mid-Autumn Festival Party" to celebrate the big day

the brilliant party

On  the evening of Sept. 1, the basketball court was bright. The Yuchai Labor Union was holding a special "Mid-Autumn Festival Party" at the site. Leaders such as deputy secretary of party of Yuchai Group Zhang Jiasha, secretary of the Party of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Liang Ping, vice chairman of the Labor Union Rao Yingxian, as well as chairmen of Labor Union of every unit of the Group, Female Worker's Committee directors, got together with the new workers who joined Yuchai in 2008, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The "Mid-Autumn Festival Party" began with the Olympic song " Beijing welcomes you" sung by the new workers and the directors of Female Worker's Committee. The colorful  show included activities like chorus, group dance, solo, romantic dance, and other social dance, etc. It was intervened with various funny prize-winning games, such as working together, hula loop, and quiz. The interesting games had attracted lots of new employees to join and show their enthusiasm. Leaders of the company also took part in the games, sharing the happiness with new staff. The site was filled with laugh. Finally, the party ended in the merry song of "The Same Song".

At the perfect full-moon season, during the joyous party, the new employees were deeply impressed by the profound and intensive festival atmosphere as well as the warm welcome of the big family of Yuchai.

Author: Zhu Xiaojie,   Photo: Wen Zhenghua

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