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Yuchai won the "Golden Service" title

During the Beijing Olympic Games, Yuchai sent a special services group to the game for its engines. The group did an excellent job in the services and recently was awarded the "Golden Service" title from Shouqi Group.

The 17 days Olympic Game was a huge successful event. More than 5,000 large-scale shuttle buses provided transportation for the game. The major tourist service company for Beijing Olympic, Shouqi Group, used 650 large-scale tourist buses, and more than 95%  of those are equipped with Yucai engines.

Yuchai paid great attention to the Olympic and sent a team of over 30 members to  Beijing to ensure the best performance of Yucai engines. As a result, Yuchais dedicated and quick services were highly recognized by leadership of Shouqi Group and the drivers. The service team  won "golden service" title. In the Shouqi Group acknowledgement letter, it stated that  the personnel of Yucai is truly a "professional, well-organized, high-quality, helpful and supportive" team.

As the leader in the motor industry, the green power of Yucai made an important contribution to the Beijing Green Olympic. In the acknowledgement letter, Shouqi sincerely wishes that Yuchai will be encouraged by Olympic spirit and work harder ahead to grow and make innovations and so as to be a worldwide brand-name international corporation!

AuthorYan Changxiong

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