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Yuchai Franchise Sales Co., Ltd set advertisements boards in Taihe toll station of Guangzhou freeway

Toll station bearing the image of Yuchai Franchise Sales Co., Ltd. and integrated business services advertisements

Recently, toll station that has the image of Yuchai Franchise Sales and integrated business services advertisement debut in Guangdong Taihe.

Taihe toll station is located at the northern point of South China Express connected with Beijing-Zhuhai (Guangzhou-Shaoguang) freeway. It is the gateway between the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong and areas of northern Guangdong and the only freeway from north to reach Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Macao, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shantou, Nanhai and Foshan, and vice versa.

The content of the advertisements represents the original parts of Yuchai, Jingyuan oil, Benyue-friend tires, and auto maintenance equipments. The advertisement  on the toll station was completed before the National Day golden holiday week. The traffic flow was up to 10,000 per hour. The bright image of Yuchai Franchise Sales Co., Ltd, integrated business services advertisements, as well as the leaflets handed out by the toll station staff, put direct visual impact on the drivers.

As the first nationwide experiment pioneer, it would further expand the Guangzhou market with which  the company already enjoyed a large share, and allow more car owners to know the Yuchai brand. Its sales outlets will further enhance the share of products, reputation, as well as the corporate image of Yuchai.

Author: Mo Liuyan

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