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The Sculpture of Yuchai "Blueprint" welcomes the Yulin Expo

The Blueprint sculpture

The 5th Yulin Business Expo is to be held on Oct. 24th. To welcome the event, Yuchai Group specially made a sculpture to embody the vibrant spirit of the city. The colorful, artistic and state-of-art sculpture is named Blueprint, which will have the effect of science and technology.

The idea of the Blueprint comes from the section view of the diesel engine. The upper parts indicate the major components of the ventilation and burning, while the bottom parts show the crankshaft linkage.

The originator of the idea is an Engine emission control expert and technology consultant, Dr. Li Qin. He described his original ideas as follow: economy is the piston of power, culture is the changing crankshaft. He told that he hoped the administration would follow the trend of time as the connection rod, connecting the economy and culture, to drive the citizens forwards to perfect living Two other engineers Dai Xiangli and Wu Biyao worked out the design.

As the largest domestic producer of internal-combustion engine, Yuchai makes a rapid progress in recent years. The sales of diesel engines reached 504 thousand in 2007 from the 74 thousand in 2001. It keeps a double-digital growth in the consecutive years since 2007 with an annual growth of 37%, far above the average level of the industry.  Yuchai retains the leading position in the industry and becomes the world's largest independent diesel engine production base as well as enjoys the reputation of the Hub of Chinas Green Power. The sculpture of Blueprint has deep meaning that are: on one hand, it provides a corporate culture stage for the Yuchai staffs pride; on the other hand, it offers an artistic instrument of education chance of science and culture for the citizens entering the auto era. 

AuthorTang Ning

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