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Yan Ping, a mature entrepreneur

There are two famous persons in the motor industry. They are Yan Ping and Tan Xuguang. Tan Xuguang is the president of Weichai, a fast-growing new comer in the machinery industry. The secret for Weichais success is its dedication to heavy-duty machines and achievement in monetary market.

The development of Yucai is not easy.  Yuchai has many inborn disadvantages. Compare to Yan Ping, Tan Xuguang is far luckier than Yan Ping.

Yan Ping is not a veteran in the machinery industry. He has joined Yuchai for only three years; therefore he could be a new comer in machinery industry. 3 years ago, his dream was to become mayor rather than entrepreneur.

Within 3 years, Yan Ping leads Yuchai out of many difficulties and has created "Yuchai miracle" in machinery industry. This shows that  Yan Ping was born with the potential entrepreneurship. Yuchai is just the good platform for his potential ability. Before took over of Yuchai, Yan Ping  had worked for many businesses.

The development of Yuchai is obviously. China 's reform has another detailed report on the reform and innovation made by Yan Ping in the past few years. But now, I would like to talk more about that Yan Ping is the pilot for Yuchai achievements.

I particularly appreciate the statement of Zhu Bin, a motor electronic control expert and professor of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute, that Yan Ping is a "mature" person in politics. I think this is the secret of Yuchais success in the serious market competition.

The politics mentioned above is not an empty slogan, or the public relations with government officials. It is the management ability of handing overall situation. The so-called politics is the governance of the public. The greater the enterprise is the more things and people are. As a result, entrepreneurs of great enterprises are possessed of the politicians specialty. Haier's Zhang Ruimin, the Chinese richest man Li Ka-shing are the examples. The "political maturity" mentioned by Professor Zhuo, means mature entrepreneurship.

Yan Pings maturity is in the following areas: First, Yan Ping introduced the concept of "green development, and win-win in harmony", and emphasized on social responsibility. He has done  "turn the corporate social responsibility into employee`s own social responsibility".

Second, he pays attention to the past experience. As he worked not very long in Yuchai, Yan Ping does not ignore the innovation and development in the past. At the time he was appointed the post in Yuchai, he push management team to think about the historical experience of Yuchai. Based on past experience  he made the next step. It is the step that stabled the company even with the shift of main leader.

Third, Yan Ping learns from competitors. His principle is to respect the competitors and learn from them. Last year, at the National People's Congress, he made an agreement with Tan Xuguang. They agreed on no head on competition, so as to promote the development of the industry and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises internationally.

Fourth, Yan Ping has excellent entrepreneurship. His success is linked with his ability. As president of a wholly state-owned enterprise, he established a modern corporate system, cleared up the property rights, and resolved the obstacles of the development.

Fifth, He has a broad vision. He believes that although Yucai has gained great progress in recent years, if Yuchai does not go to internationalization, and only stay to the domestic market, the business survival and development space will shrink, and the key technologies or core technology will be more restricted. In addition, the procurement of product has been achieved internationalization, if Yuchai does not take the road of internationalization, it will not be able to obtain the best resources from the international market, the performance and quality will be greatly reduced, and the development platform of enterprises will be smaller and smaller. The internationalization strategy is an inevitable choice for Yuchai.

More importantly, his maturity reflects his great respect to the government. Yan Ping pays special attention to communication with the government and often report to the government to seek support. Yan Ping obtained the trust of the Yulin government and began the sensitive reform of property rights quickly.

Yan Ping said that human is the best, not the mechanism or the funds. He loves playing Go Chess (a kind of Chinese ancient chess game). He said that doing things in life is as playing the game because we have to pay close attention to the overall situation. Yan Ping has been recognized in Yuchai and the industry. As is told by the staff of Yuchai,  the personal charisma of Yan Ping represents one of the core competitiveness of Yuchai.

Author: Jia Cundou               source: China 's reform                        

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