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Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.: green manufacturingenergy-savingemission reduction
As the world economy and technology growth rapidly, the shortage of energy and environmental crisis create huge negative effect on human development. Today,  saving energy has become a focus point for countries around the world to achieve the sound development of economy. Yuchai Machine Co., Ltd. with its social responsibility of "to provide community with green manufactured green products" has gained enormous accomplishment in reducing energy consumption, emissions and the effectiveness of resource utilization efficiency. Yuchai used independent innovation technology and kept  offering environment-friendly  products along with making full use of resources and reduction of pollution. With the intensive market competition, coupled with soaring raw material prices, from 2006-2007, the company lowered the cost by 332 million Yuan.
Emphasize on promoting the management for  energy-saving and emission reduction
Yuchai Machine Co., Ltd. has established three level energy management system, incorporating functional departments, production plants, workshop (section).  Following the "focused, results-oriented, in-depth step by step to promote all-round" principle, the company encourage energy-saving work and the emission reduction in the factory (department), workshop, working groups.
Yuchai Machine Co., Ltd. also actively promotes the energy saving strategies, policies, the need of energy-saving and the emission reduction as well as the need for sustainable development and environmental protection of the company. The company distributes energy-saving materials; offers energy saving and environmental protection knowledge lectures; has environmental knowledge contest; conducts energy-saving activity rating, energy-saving and emission reduction prize-winning game; proposes emission reduction energy-saving initiatives to enhance environmental awareness.
Power saving, water recycling, and energy consumption reducing
As a production-oriented enterprise, the demand of the company for water and power is substantially huge. Saving energy and reducing energy consumption is very important. For saving water, the company strongly applies the water-saving technologies and improves water circulation system. It reduced more than 300 tons water per day. The company invested over 10 million to build a 500 m 3/h sewage treatment systems to treat industrial waste water to save water and cut environmental pollution. According to statistics, in the first half of 2008, the company saved more than 56,000 tons of water and reuse rate of industrial water reached 79.8 percent.
Regarding the power-saving, in 2007, Yuchai Machine Co., Ltd. upgraded the distribution system; replaced more than 80 outdated power distribution equipments; adjusted the distribution structure; and completed the update of the core furnace heating and wind systems, central air-conditioning cooling device, boiler drum, fan-frequency furnace, totally 18 equipments. The total energy-saving rate achieved 12.5 percent, with an annual saving up to 3.6 million kwh. The company also launched a green lighting project. From October last year to June of this year, it completed upgrading  lamps in the resident areas.
Emphasize on pollution treatment to achieve the green emission
Yuchai Machine Co., Ltd. focuses on the use of environmentally friendly products. The company actively uses non-toxic, harmless or low toxic, low harm raw materials, to replace toxic, harmful raw materials. For the garbage comes out from the production process, the company implements garbage classification management system according to the recyclable, non-recyclable classification. The company places appropriate rubbish bins, and processes the garbage  timely in an effort to prevent pollution. The waste control met the requirements of national environmental laws and regulations, and passed ISO14001 Environmental Management System evaluation. By collaborative efforts of all parties, the company achieved large progress in environmental treatment:1.380 million tons of industrial waste water meets the national GB8978-1996 integrated secondary effluent standards; removed 4,384,957 kg industrial dust; reduced 175,185 kg sulfur dioxide; dropped 5,575,029 kg soot; recycled oil 480.93 tons; comprehensive utilized industrial solid waste 8,980 tons.
R & D and re-manufacturing products
Yuchai determined to keep the leader in green power and the eminent controller of poluttion.  As the heart of vehicleits the advance of environmental performance of engine is depended  on the advancement of internal-combustion engine. The fuel consumption of engine made of Yuchai  has lowered by14% compare to 2007. Its environmental friendly engines cover the ranges of auto engines, engineering machinery engines, marine engines, agricultural engines. Auto engines meet the higher environmental protection requirements  such as urban public transportation. Diesel emissions control technology is far advanced  of peers. The company launched the State III, State IV engines 3-5 years ahead of the implementation of national emissions regulations. In December 2007, the company made its self-developed China's first homemade YC6L-50 Europe V electronic control diesel engine. In the first half of 2008, Yuchai Machine Co., Ltd. produced more new products such as 6K high-power diesel engine, 4Y sedan diesel engine. It achieved new breakthroughs in the development of 452 kinds of new models, an increase of 39.5 percent; the development of 59 basic products, a rise of 9.8 percent; the completion of more than 85 models electronic control products of 18 series.      
Yuchai also wants to be the pioneer and promoter in re-manufacturing industry. In 2006, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. started the engine re-manufacturing projects and set up the third engine plant. Up to now, it has an engine dismantling and re-manufacturing capacity of 10 thousand, a spare parts re-manufacturing capacity of 15,000. In March 2008, the company obtained the first national auto parts re-manufacturers certification, which spurred the growth of the engine re-manufacturing.
Energy saving and emission reduction is the only way to sustainable development. Yuchai is seriously takes the responsibility as a major enterprise to work hard to provide more energy saving and environmental friendly engines. Starting from today by saving resources, controlling industrial pollution, the company is using green products and green manufacturing to honor its corporate social responsibility.
AuthorMei Changfu
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