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Yuchai starts the TS16949 quality system internal auditor and 5 core instruments training

Aiming to enhance the quality management level of the managers and engineering technicians, from Oct.15th to 22nd, the corporate management department and training center, along with the Plexus (Shanghai) Corporate Management Consultancy Co., Ltd., held the ISO/TS16949 internal auditor training and APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC and MSA special trainings.

The training for internal auditors lasted for 3 days, and the 5 core instruments training lasted for 5 days. The senior consultant Lu Huajia of Leikeshi ( Shanghai ) Corporate Management Consultancy Ltd. did  the trainings.

Sixty six people took part in the internal auditor training, and the 254 participated in the 5 core instruments trainings. They came from 18 units that include the corporate affairs office of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., Engineering Research Institute, Manufacturing and Technology Dept., cold processing plant, procurement, as well as the managers from Yuchai Xiamen Engine Co., Ltd..

The training of the internal auditor incorporated the knowledge of ISO/TS16949 quality system, the interaction study of the standards previsions, process auditting, case study, planning and build up of the system, audition organization and implementation techniques, error correction, follow ups and certification and other internal auditing approaches and steps, and on scene simulative audition practice.

The 5 core instruments trainings are: APQP (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis) is to allow the relevant personnel to familiarize with the standard working method in developing and processing the products; PPAP(Production Pieces Accreditation Process) is to let the staff get familiar with the clients accreditation process in production; FMEA(Failure Mode & Effects Analysis),  is an integration of FMA (Failure Mode Analysis) and FEA (Failure Effect Analysis) that is to provide a kind of method for reliability design; SPC (Statistical Process Control) is to let related management staff learn how to apply the statistics in monitoring the status of manufacturing process; MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis) is mainly for the measurement staff to understand and use the mathematical statistics and charts to analyze the resolution and errors in the measurement system.

3 days after the training, all trainees took the internal audit exam and those who passed the test were eligible to obtain the ISO/TS16949 internal auditor certificate. After assessment, 5 core instruments trainees also would get the corresponding certificate.

Plexus is an international quality management training system supplier. Plexus, together with 3 major auto corporations--Daimler Chrysler, Ford, General Electricity, jointly developed and owned the QS-9000 and ISO/TS16949 training courses. Plexus is  responsible for the QS-9000 and ISO/TS16949 training courses supplying.

AuthorWu Yu

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