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Yuchai Group takes part in the 5th China-ASEAN Expo

The panoramic view of the Yuchai booth

---Yuchai Machine is excellent! the users said.

On Oct. 23rd, the 5th China-ASEAN Expo was opened in the beautiful Guangxi. Yuchai Group with other domestic and international producer and users met again in Nanning , the capital city of Guangxi during the colourful autumn season.

The  head of CPC Yulin municipal committee Wen Ming and Yulin Mayor Jin Xiangjun visited the show

In the afternoon of 23rd, the Secretary of CPC Yulin municipal committee Wen Ming, Yulin Mayor Jin xiangjun visited the Yuchai show window right after the opening ceremony. They praised the decorations and the items on display. They encouraged Yuchai to work hard to promote products, increase the market share and promote the strong Yulin goal. They wished that Yuchai would gain more achievements in the exhibition.

Yuchai booth was an open-style stand covering an area of 100 sq meters, mainly showing the diesel engines, engineering products, special purpose vehicles and farming products. Among them, the diesel engines included 9 series of engines: YC6JCNG-30YC 6M 390-30Common RailYC4E160-30Common Rail and other products. The construction mechanic products included the products of 858 and 1358 series. The special purpose vehicles included 3 tonnage garbage constrictive dumpcart for the residential sub-district use and the off-highway mining-use trucks for large-scale coal mines and construction site. The wholly-self-developed 50 tonnage mine truck became a new bright spot for the current domestic market that was almost occupied by the imported products. Meanwhile, it filled the gap of the Yuchais mine-use auto products. The farming products covered the range of single-cylinder, double-cylinder, triple-cylinder and four-cylinder engines.  

Persons in charge of the 4 exhibition sections pointed out that as soon as the opening of hall, the items on display attracted  the attention of many guests from home and international. they showed great interests on the items and some signed purchase intent with Yuchai.

Guests continuously came to the window to observe the products, watch the display video and inquire the details. The staff was busy handing out information, answering the enquiries and present T-shirts, umbrellas and playing cards to the potential customers. Visitors all left the window with satisfactory smiles.

Yuchais reporter interviews the exhibitor

Xu Jian, a Sales Manager with the Shandong Taian Jiuzhou Jincheng Machinery Ltd., came to the window for more information about Yuchai products. He told the reporter that, compared to other multiple diesel brands, the advantages of Yuchai products, such as low fuel consumption, strong driving force were very satisfy to him. From the start of their factory to today, all their products are equipped with Yuchai engines and they would keep on using Yuchai products.

The reporter talked with a personnel of Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto Co., Ltd, who is the project manager of the Import and Export Company of Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto. According to him that 2 out of the 3 their items on display were equipped with Yuchai State III engines. The State III engine, being fuel-efficient, powerful, made their dump trucks and tow trucks very popular at home and international.  The domestic mine users turn up thumbs to Yuchai engines. For the overseas market, for instance, in Vietnam, 100% of the tow trucks are equipped with 6M motor of Yuchai. The manager said: currently, Yuchai products accounts for a huge share in the Southeast Asian market. Our internationalization level is far lag behind that of Yuchai.

After  return back to Yuchai window, the reporter noticed that 2 people from Jiangsu Jinjiang Forklift Ltd. were talking with the personnel. They told reporter that they started cooperation with Yuchai since this year. By comparisons, the Yuchais quality, credit and services are especially satisfactory to them. Up to now, they had bought  over 40 machines of 6105 and 6108 series. In the coming 1 or 2 years, they are going to buy 1,000 to 2,000  8-10 tonnage forklifts.

The Expo will lasts till Oct. 25th.

ContributorsNing Jing/ article and photo, Li Cunmei, Liang Lihong/ photo

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